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Use the safe zone Dicas

In the middle of the map, you will find an island with a green border that surrounds it. This island is a safe zone from combat. If you die, or you join the game, you will spawn on this island, any projectiles fired at this island will turn into confetti when it reaches the island, so you are safe from enemies while on this island. Around the island, you will also find a couple of shops that sell things to you, so it is a good practice to stock up on items that you might need if you respawn after dying or even if you are just starting your adventure.


Learning about the resources on offer Dicas

There are a few resources that you can use to make yourself stronger, these resources are Gold, Steel, Gunpowder, Booze, and Fish. Each of these will have specific ways of obtaining and specific things on which to spend it. 

  •  Gold: Gold can be used to buy fish, or can be used to buy upgrades for your ship and mascot.
  • Fish: Fish can be used to trade for any of the other resources except for gold and itself.
  • Booze: Booze is used to buying crew for your ship, the more booze you have, the more crew you can buy.
  • Steel/Gunpowder: These can be used to buy weapons and trade for other resources at certain shops.

As you would expect, each thing in the game will offer you some sort of perk, here are a few that are on offer:

  •  Upgrading your ship: Upgrading your ship with gold will make it slightly bigger and will offer you more and more damage as you upgrade.
  • Mascot: Your mascot will collect your fish every few seconds when you are near a school of fish, be sure to upgrade it to gain you more fish.
  • Crew: Your crew will increase your health regeneration, make sure that you get the biggest crew possible to keep yourself healthy.


The weapons at hand Dicas

Being a game that offers combat, there are a few choices of weapons to choose from, but which are the best choice? There are ten types of weapons for you to choose from:

  • Base cannon: Versatile, but weak.
  • Flamethrower: Used to burst down enemies.
  • Electric Bomb: Stuns enemies for a limited time frame.
  • Railgun: Pierces through enemies with tons of damage with small spread.
  • Mortar: Mostly used to take down forts.
  • Mines: Used best when you are up against a group of enemies.
  • Shotgun: Mostly used in close-range combat for ideal damage.
  • Force Field: Will push enemies away and stun them while at it.
  • Invulnarability Shield: Will nullify all damage while active.
  • Harpoon: Used to dash to avoid incoming damage or can be used to move around faster.

Each weapon that is on offer can be used to the best of its ability, but some of them might not suit your gameplay style, so be sure to do some research and practice them all so that you know what suits you best.


The best way to start off your adventure Dicas

Most people will start off and want to go running off to start fights with others and win their way to the top. Although this can be done, if you are extremely lucky, it is not the best way to get into your adventure. The best thing to do to start off is to make sure that you have enough resources and a good ship set up before getting too far into the combat. Make sure that you spend some time farming up some of the resources and then head on over to the shops to set up your ship and gather your crew. This will make the start of your adventure so much easier and you will be able to become the king of the pirates in no time.


Be adventurous, but careful Dicas

One of the best things this game has to offer is the combat, which can be very fun, but comes with a price. One of the previous tips was to farm up resources to upgrade your ship and crew, but beware, if you were to lose a battle, you will end up losing 90% of the resources that you have on hand. So make sure that if you are going to go into battle, you have to spend the most resources possible on your ship and crew beforehand. If you have not spent them all, you better make sure that you win the battles that you pick out.


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