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My Very Own Light
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Walkthrough - Act 1


The Northern Laboratory

Start by standing on the pressure slab in the first room.
It will trigger a rack mechanism visible in the second half of the screen.
Stay on It until it's fully away from the door to open that door. Now you can continue and leave the slab to stop the rack.
Then, to open the harrow, push the box between the electric poles. 
You can now pick up your lantern in the next room.

Don't forget that you can put It on the ground and activate small triangle pressure slabs with It's weight. 
Thus you can open the access to the lever in the small cell.
This lever allows you to open the door to the corridors of the lab.
Don't forget to collect your lantern.
Now you can save your progression by going left and step on the star made with candles on the ground, this is a save point.

Two areas are explorable : the servants' quarters by turning left or an office leading to an area with a still.
Before choosing between one of thoses places, you can obtain the map of this area of the map by using the lever next to the cage that you'll find by turning right. 
Make sure you have your lantern with you before going to the servants' quarters because there is many rats on the way. They fear light but will devour you if there is no light source such as your lantern.
Opening the cage gives you a way around rats if you don't have your lantern. 

Two areas are explorable : the servants' quarters by turning left or an office leading to an area with a still.
Before choosing between one of thoses places, you can obtain the map of this area of the map by using the lever next to the cage that you'll find by turning right. 
Make sure you have your lantern with you before going to the servants' quarters because there is many rats on the way. They fear light but will devour you if there is no light source such as your lantern.
Opening the cage gives you a way around rats if you don't have your lantern.

Go to the office to find a small table with particles floating around, It means that you can search this item for loot, in It wou'll find some thalers, it's the currency you can use through your journey. 
There are many differents stuff that are searchable in the game such as the cabinet near the small table.
Inside you'll find a splint that can help healing the fractures you might receive while you investigate this place.
You will also find pieces of meat to heal light wounds like It is explained in the book in the room where you picked up your lantern at the beggining of the game.
During your researches you might also stumble on weapons or tools to use in battles and will help hit your ennemy for sure.

But let's continue your adventure ! Place your lantern on the small pressure slab in the office to open the door to the still room. 
Enter the next room, you will find a small cage that you need to push to move It. 
Push It under the lever on the wall then climb on the box to activate the lever and lowering the harrow that give you access to the corridor.
Some rats are blocking the way so you have to go back and take your lantern. 
Go near the save point to recover the small cage from the still room and push It on one of the small slabs.

Leave your lantern on the second slab to open the door and go through the corridor to reach an obscure room.
In It, go immediatly right, walk along the wall then turn to the left il the small alcove to avoid the rats. Continue on the left until another alcove then enter It and fight the enemy inside.
Once you've won leave the alcove and walk along the wall to the right until you find a lever. 
Activate It to open the door in front of the alcove that had the enemy in It. 
Leave in the corridor by the door and go to the save point passing by the cage that allowed you to go around the rats of the corridor.

Don't forget to take your lantern and continue to the servants' quarter.
Run through the first room. 
In the second room push the small cage to the pillar that blocks your way. 
Behind the table is a lever, use It to lower the pillar and continue to push the box.
While your here, read the stele of the room, you'll need It later for the riddle at the end of the level.
Once the cage is bloquedby another pillar go back to the lever to continue to the slab and open the door. 
In the next room is a foe you can fight and a slab with an eye on It. 
To make good use of this slab, you need to go back to the corridor near the cages.
You'll find another eye symbol in front of a rack mechanism. 
Place your lantern on the eye in a way that you can see the rack with the lantern half of the screen then go back on the slab with the symbol.
Now you can move the rack and see the state of the mechanism so it's easier to open the door. 
Take your lantern after you have finished this puzzle then enter the door to do the riddle room.

In this room is a stele with a ridlle and three levers in front of pillars with numbers. 
In order to do that enigma, you have to reed carefully the steles you found through the level.
The numbers match the number of sheeps in the texts of the stele
The combinaison is : III - VIII - IV
Once you won that riddle, the door to the end of the level is opened.

You can now explore the rest of the domain...

The Family Cemetery
Part I : the cemetery

Now that you are in the cemetery be carefull for there is a demon walking around this place, you need to stay out of his was or you'll die.
Head immediately right behind the save pentacle, you will find a first lever that will raise one of the pillars to a box on a vault.

Then go to the graves in the center to find a second lever that allows the other pillar to raise.
Once thoses pillars are up you can move the box on the vault.
Push It on the ground then to the slab in the back left, in font of the entrance.

Now move to the front right corner of the zone .
You'll find a pit at the bottom of which is a box.
Push It on the pillars that are in the ground then leave the pit and go along the fence until you find a lever to raise the pillars and get the box.
Then move the box in the corner of the zone, just in front of where you are and place It on the slab to open the access to the crypt of the cemetery.

Part II : the crypt

Once you are down in the crypt, head to the first room.
You have to push the big box on the slab at the end of the room to open the harrow that block the way to the door leading to the rest of the level.

Now go to the second room that also contain a big box.
Trigger the lever to change the state of the pillars and push the box until you hit the next pillar.
Then, use again the lever and finish to push the box on the slab to open the door to the next room.

You can now take the door between the zones you just completed.
Don't hesitate to read the informations on the different graves, they are gonna be really usefull to solve the enigma at the end of the level.
Head to the right after the door.
Go down to use a first lever then climb back activate the second. By doing that, It will change the height of the pillars in this room.
You can now go through the spiders and enter in the geode. 

Step on the claw to drop your lantern and take It's control then pass though the small opening on the wall.
Go to the next claw to take control of you character.

Go back to recover your lantern and move to until the next claws.
Step on the first one then put the lantern on the second one to control your character again.
Pass between the spiders then climb up the scaffolding.

Progress to the first room and activate the lever.
Go activate the lever that is in the bottom then the one up and once again the bottom one.
Vous have now access to the slab at the top.
Go back and place your lantern next to the tomb in the previous room then activate the slab that you unlocked to open the gate.

Here you hare, on the riddle room. First activate the stabbed eagle, then the dragon surrounded by weapons, the eagle surrounded by weapond and finally, the stabbed dragon. 

Once the riddle solved, go to the next room and use the timer in the corner and then step on the pillar to go out at the surface. 

Part III : the cemetery

Now you are again in the cemetery.
Activate the lever between the graves next to where you came out of the crypt then use the lever on the same row of tombs to lower the pillars behind the fountain. 

Now, go behind the fountain between the statues.
Place the box on the slab to lower the harrow that block the access to the lever on the other side of the tomb. 
Activate the lever to open the door leading to the tomb then remove the box from the slab to lower the harrow in front of the door.
Then you can leave the cemetery, turn left and walk along the cemetery to find the wolf forest.

The Wolf forest
Part I

You are now along the cemetery in front of a large spherical cage.
Go behind the sphere to push it and guide it to the slab. It open the door that gives you access to the wolf forest.
You now arrive in a small glade in which there is a slab, a small slab, a sphere and a pillar.

The aim is to get the sphere onto the slab to open the door to the rest of the forest. The small slab allows you to lift the pillar located in the centre of the glade. Start by placing your lantern on the small slab and then push the sphere against the tree on the side of the closed door. Then push the sphere towards the grave before sending it to the pillar to be able to send it to the slab.

When you reach the next area turn left and continue until you reach a small cliff, you have two choices.

Part II-1

If you continue on your right hand side go on until you reach a small climb. At the top there is a splint and a lever which turns the pole on which the hanged man is standing.
Activate it, it will be useful for later on.

Continue on your way to a glade with 3 large spherical cages that you can move.
Push the middle sphere against the wooden barriers on the entrance side of the area and then push it onto the large slab opposite.
Then push the sphere that is furthest forward in the area onto the slabs and push it onto the sphere you have already placed.

Finally push the last sphere onto the last slab to activate all 3 slabs simultaneously and open the door to the next area.
Cross the bridge and climb up the cliff. At the top watch out for the wolf and climb to the middle of the area to reach the stele on which the story of the boy who cried wolf is written.

Next to the stele is a splint and behind the stele you will find the contract page of the forest.
Return to the 3 spheres glade. In this area there is a tree with a small step at the bottom. 

Climb this tree and then walk on the spider wire. Continue your way up the hill until you come to a small rock.

Climb the rock to reach the tree branch and climb the tree. Walk along the spider web to the next tree and down to the next height.
Activate the lever that raises a pillar that allows you to climb up from the lower area.  Rotate the timer and stand on the pillar in front of the tree so you can climb the branches and climb the tree.

Go forward on the spider wire and continue through the trees to the hangman. At the hangman go on the wire on your left to arrive at a small slab.

Place your lantern on the small slab and move forward, being careful of the spiders. At the end you will find a sword which will be useful in battle and a lever which is used to lift a pillar to go up to the top.

Retrace your steps to retrieve your lantern (watch out for spiders) then return to the fork in the road in front of the small cliff to go left.

Part II-2

If you continue on your left you will come to a broken trap in front of a blood puddle . Continue again on your left you will come to the white wolf, to which you will have to give food to heal it, and on your right you will find a saving pentagram.

At the level of the saving pentagram there is a passage with a wolf trap at the entrance. Get it to pass and then climb the slope behind the tree.
At the top you will find a lever. Activate it and go through the path you just opened. Fight the wolf that guards the map of the area.
Once done activate the 2 levers that are here, then go back.

Activate the first lever again to be able to pass and reach the small tile a little further.
Put your lantern on it and go back to activate the first lever to get the forest map.

Once done, take your lantern and return to the pentagram and continue your exploration through the small corridor in front of it.

You arrive in a large area where you will find a spherical cage that you can move. Push it until you are pinned by a small pillar.

Once done, follow the cable from the pillar to a lever and activate it to lower the pillar. 
Push the cage behind the pillar and then return to activate the lever to raise the pillar. Then push the cage to the slab. 

Part III

You can now continue your progress to arrive at the final puzzle of the area.

The order of the levers of the riddle is found in the story of the shepherd who cried wolf: first he lost his confidence, then his voice and finally his life .

Continue on your way and you will come to a fork in the road: on the left there is a lever to open a shortcut to the cemetery and on the right a window to the castle's kitchens.

The Castle's kitchens

You are now in the kitchens. Go on the opposite side of the room to find a giant pot chained near a shelf with a lever on It. Don't touch the pot for now and clinb the barrels to activate the lever on the shelf. This'll raise the pillar in the center of the room.

Go back to the pot and push that sphere toward the window by which you came here then push It on the pillar, against the wooden box in the center and finally on the slab.

Now the door is opened but the harrow is still a problem. To lower It, leave your lantern on the small slab in front of the door. Continue and fight chief Ivranov. Once defeated, take the other opened door then continu until you find some barrels in a corner of the room.

Climb on thoses and use the lever just behind. Go back by the new path through the room and be carefull, there are many hungry rats just awaiting to munch on your bones.
Continue and go back to the room where you fought the chief and find the lever behind the shelves. Interract with It.
Go back to the big room full of rats near some hanged pieces of meat and climb on the barrel between the two boxes. You can now go to the next room with in It, swively chandeliers.

First, locate the lever on the ground near a chimney and use It. For the puzzle of that room, you'll find 4 levers on shelves.
The n°1 can be reached by climbing on a pile of barrels. The n°2 is in the center of the room. The n°3 is next to a chemney with a skeleton on the ground and the 4th is next to the entrance door on a shelf.
To complete this puzzle you need to activate the lever in the following order : 1-3-4-2. You can now go to the riddle room.


First use the lever next to the door so that you can go back take your lantern in the first zone. Once you are whole again, you have to read or remember the steles you found in the level to resolve the riddle. Here's the solution : Snake - Lion - Sheep - Wolf.
Congrats, you finished the kitchens, you can now climb up the stairs and use the lever in the throne room to lift a part of the stairs.

The Promenade of the Impaled

Firstly, if you come from the kitchens, leave them by passing through the window and take the shortcut in the cemetery.
Progress through and leave until you encounter the notary and use the lever next to him.
You unlocked the access to the promenade of the impaled on your left.

Progress on the stone path to find Tony then continue straight to the north, off the path  to reach a small barn (You can continue on the stone path to find the save pentacle.
On the way, note the presence of wooden structures with big fans at their top, we'll come back to theim later.
In the barn climb on the barrels and continue to find and use a lever that opens shutters on the plateform to your left. Get out of the barn and get around It to reach the opened shutters. Climb on the pile of barrels to use the lever inside.

Leave the barn by following the lit wire to reach the door you opened. Once you're up there, you can go to the right and find a stele that is usefull at the end of the level for the riddle. Activate the lever of the fish shaped pump to drain the lake under. Go in the old lake and head to the isolated shore to your left.

You need to fight Lupus to reach the stele and the lever he protects. This leveractivated a pillar accessible with the wooden structure in the center of the dired lake, but for now you can't go there.

Go back next to Tony and follow the path until the end this time to find the savepoint next to the fountain.
Climb at the top of the wooden structure and use the lever to change the direction of the wind.
Now go back to ths structure next to Tony and activate the wind chariot while being on It to reach the fish pump near to the checkpoint.

Activate It to drain the water from the lake then fall in It. Continue until you see an inaccessible raft in front of you then go back using the bridge. You'll find a shortcut and the wind chariot that you needed. Remove the brake from It and while It's moving, stop It when you reach the rised pillar on your left to activate one of the two levers you need to go to the riddle.

Now go back to the second fish pump to raise the water level and use the shortcut to reach the bridge and then the raft, now accessible.
Continue to walk and use the second lever to the riddle zone. You can now access the riddle.

The solution is 2-4-3-1.
Congrats, you unlocked a way to the hedge labyrinth. Go back down and pass through the door then the harrow to the labyrinth.

The Hedge Labyrinth

Welcome to the labyrinth where a new type of puzzle can be found, the large boxes.
Firstly, go around the box and once on the other side, place It on the large slab to open the gate.
In the next zone, leave the first box and go around It to ind another one, place It then place the first one.
In the third zone, move back the box on the slab, enough to be able to pass between the hedge and the box. Then push the bax that is near the pot and place the two boxes. Get prepared for a fight against Ocragor, the cautious hermit. As his name suggests It, he will tend to avoid or block your attacks. Once defeated, use the lever to the left of the zone.

Follow the cable and pass through the opened door. On your right is one of the steles of the riddle and on your left, the following of the level and a checkpoint.
Continue to find a lever and open a shortcut to the promenade.
Put yout lantern on the little slab and go to the right then left to pass by a raised harrow and turn left to find a lever.

Follow the cable now lit to reach a lever. This lever raises a little pillar, climb on It and drop off It on the other side of the hedge to find another lever.

After you used It, climb again on the little pillar and continue on the hedge.
At the end, drop off to use a lever. From here, on your left there is a stele and on the right a shortcut to the checkpoint and a small box.
After found the checkpoint, take your lantern et push the box to hte opened door, where you'll find a strange person.

From here, go right, you will see too slabs. Bring your box to one of them and continue by the passage on the oppsite side from the one you're coming.
Be carefull because there is a trap on the ground and go to the back left to continue that level. The door in front of you leads to the french gardens.

Activate the only lever available and follow it's cable until another lever. After you used that new lever, go back to the first and disable It. Continue by the now opened way and at this end to find a lever next to some benchs. This lever opens the gate next to the first lever.

Go to this opened gate and use the first lever again then take the path to find a stele and a hidden lever on th right. From here, take the path opened by the lever and use the first lever again to find a way to the benchs and the center of the puzzle. Desactivate It and interact with the first.

That done, go back to the stele using the way to the right to see the door opened. Use the last lever to quit this puzzle and go to the riddle. In this zone, be carefull of the wolf that's lurking around. Maybe he protects something ? If only you had a trap...
Now that you are at the fountain activate the pillars in that order : XI-IX-XII. Finally, bring the box to the other slab in the center on the level to open the way to the main door of the castle, to the great hall...

The Great Hall

You are in the hall. On your left is a taquin puzzle. Once done, go through the hall and activate the lever to the right then the one between the statues.

Then drop your lantern in front of the door to see when the mechanism will be in the good position.
Climb up to the half slab. Once the door is opened get down, take your lantern and go to the next room.

Back right of the room is a taquin puzzle that you need to resolve.

Go up the stairs along the wall of the room and activate the lever to rotate the first chandelier, walk on the chandeliersand pull the first lever.
Go through the chandelier in front of you et use the lever, go back and walk on the chandelier on your right to activate the lever.
Go back on the center lever and use It. You can now pass on the chandeliers to the balcony of the riddle.

You need to find the 3 steles that contain clues. Two in the first room of the hall also one in the second room.

To solve the enigma, activate levers in this order : Vioence, Bal and plot.

You can now go in the throne room and activate the lever to open the door behind the throne.

The French Gardens

You can access this place or by doing the labyrinth or after you finished It and openned the access to the hall.
Regardless of you beginning spot, first, go to the west to open a shortcut to the promenade of the imapled near the entrance of the domain.

Next, go at the center, next to the checkpoint and then to the left to find an opened gate to a zone of the garden.
Watch out for Cruvramodo is lurking around. In addition to that, watch out for sharpened spikes hiden in the grass.

First, head back right to use a lever next to a stele. Go back to the entrance then go left, through the harrow that the lever lowered.
Activate the lever at the end of the route. From here, quit this zone by following the cable on the ground, you just raised a pillar to the zone on the other side of the stone path, but be carefull for there is a demon patrolling on this path.

Climb up the pillars quickly then go down on the other side. Go to the left of this zone while bypassing the spikes and activate the lever next to several skeletons on the ground.
This lever lowered an harrow in the zone on the other side of the stone path with the demon, It may grant you the access to the center of that place to find some stuff...
But let's continue in this zone here : next to this lever you just used is an opened gate with a claw on the ground. Step on It to drop your lantern and take it's control.

Go to the place where you entered this zone and pass under the plank with yout lantern to place It on the claw and regain the control of your character. Ps: The lantern isn't affected by the spikes.
Next, take your character to the opposite corner in the back right and step on the claw. With yout lantern, go back left and use the claw.

Now that you have your body again, leave this space by climbing on the wooden structures then climb on the pillar next to your lantern to take It back with you.

Note that the center of the zone is only accessible when the lantern is on that claw.
In this zone you can enter the anwser date to the riddle of the level. The stele in the first zone gives you the clue and you can find chipped stones on the ground in the level to help you understand and find the anwser.
The anwser is : 1808 that is MD, CCC, VIII. Once the riddle finished, an harrow lowers, allowing you to use a lever that opens the way to the stable & kennel.

Congratulations, you've completed the french gardens.

The Stable & Kennel

You are now in a barn. Go and push the box behind the cart at the end of the room on the right so that you can use it to climb up. Activate the fans and remove the brake from the cart to move along the rail. Go and activate the lever in the centre of the room to open the door to the next room.

Once in the second room, go to the right and activate the lever to change the wind direction of the tank on the other side of the room.

Return to the entrance of the room and activate the lever to change the wind direction to access the platform on the left. Activate the brake on the tank (Picture 5) and go back to the right to deactivate the lever and change the wind direction. Go back to the tank on the left, get on it and remove the brake to reach the platform at the bottom left.

Put the brake back on and open the gate. From here activate the lever changing the wind of the rail leading to the central platform. Then remove the brake at the right moment to reach the centre of the room and open the door to the next room.

Go back to the entrance on the left to activate the brake of the tank and then go back to deactivate the lever at the bottom right. Return to the right tank and remove the brake to leave this room.

You are in the third room, use the lever in front of you, then the one in the centre of the room. Activate the lever as follows: right, centre, left and finally centre. On the other side of the room you will find a lever that opens a shortcut to the previous rooms and to the right, the next room.

Here, first go down and find the lever activating fans. Climb back up, activate the brake on the right tank and activate the lever on the left. Once on the other platform, pull the lever and return to the tank whose brake you just activated. Remove it to reach the next platform and then activate the brake of the new float.

Fall down and return to the entrance of the room to operate the right hand lever this time. Return to the platform at the bottom left and pull the lever. Replace the tank brake on the right side of the entrance and return to the bottom left to change the status of the lever. Remove the brake from the tank on the right of the entrance and then from the tank on the right to finally reach the end of the room and a shortcut.

Go through the balcony to reach the kennel. Activate the lever on the left, get on the tank and go to the platform at the bottom left. From there, do the same but drop into the cage to activate the lever activating fans.

Leave the cage and remove the brake under the tank to the right of the entrance. Get on this tank and activate the lever on a cage to open two doors and access the last room of the level.

Here you are at the riddle, be careful what the levers here activate... You have to retrace the events of Mary's life to solve the puzzle. Here is the combination: the skull, the rose and the vial. Then leave the cage and walk around it to the right to get to the Count's orchard.

The Count's Orchard

You enter now into the orchard. Go to the pumpkin field to the right and move the slime to the snake statue so that It absorbs the slime.
Follow the cable to do the puzzle with the two slimes in the left field. Pass the pillar by placing a slime on a slab and absorb them with the snakes.

Next, go to the right to meet Tsagoï and activate a lever opening a shortcut to the french gardens.
Return to the two slimes puzzle and continue to the north until a small paddock with a big pile of dirt.
Active the lever in It, it's one of the steps to obtain a rare item...

Go back near Tsagoï then take the path to the north until you find a opened door to a big paddock.
Place your lantern on the slab and go straight then left to a fallen tree. Continue straight and use the lever. Follow the cable then climb on the pillars.

Activate the lever and go back to the previous lever, a door opened. Reach the claw and take control of the lantern.
Go immediatly to the right until you enter un a paddock with a goliath. Go on the claw and, with your character, join the lantern. Be carefull, the goliath is a powerfull foe !

Pull the lever and continue to find a small box and a lever, use that lever then quit this labyrinthe full of spiders with your box.
Place the box on the slab to open the riddle zone, but perhaps there is another use for that box...
Now you are at this apple based riddle, here's the solution : 1, 3, 2. The access to the great library is now opened for you.

The Great Library

You've just entered the great library, beware of the electric trap in the centre of the room, it is better not to push anything on it... Move the first low crate to the right slab and then the book cart to the bottom right.

Then move the second crate to the bottom left and push the book cart onto the last free slab to finish this puzzle. You now have access to the second room on the right. Put your lantern down and climb up the newly raised pillar. Pull the lever, go back down and pass the portcullis. Climb the pillar and then the bookcase and pull the final lever in this room. Don't forget to collect your lantern before leaving the room.

Here, be careful not to fall... First, head left to see a lever on a walkway connecting the central island, use it. Go right and climb over the piles of books to a lever, pull it to pull a pillar into the wall.

Go down a little and continue north of the room on the edges to descend. Once at the bottom, discreetly push the box onto the slab. Go back up and through the door guarded by two statues to continue. First, activate the lever on your left to open a shortcut to the checkpoint.

In this room you will meet Whilhelmina Murray and a puzzle on the floor that you have to solve to move forward. To help you solve this type of puzzle, try to locate the edges and corners, moving forward in rows starting with the squares furthest from the extruded square. It's best to try to place the large pieces first or move the small ones that may be in the way of the large ones.

Once the puzzle was completed, the door to the enigma opened behind Mina, and here is the solution: the couple, the love trio, the studies. You can now access a staircase. Activate the lever at the top of the staircase to move up half the stairs into the throne room of the hall. Congratulations, you have completed the Great Library.

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