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  • Lançado pela primeira vez: May 17, 2021

Use items to disguise that you are a player Dicas

There are many items in the game that players are able to use to disguise themselves. Some examples: 

  1. Swop clothes: this allows you to swop clothes when the seeker has noticed you.
  2. Warp item: this will give you a quick getaway by teleporting you to a random location on the map.  
  3. Alarm item: creates a small circle on the ground that only you will be able to see. When another player steps into the circle it will trigger an alarm and red smoke. You can use the circle to betray another player if the seeker has noticed you or this can alert you to another player's position.
  4. Smoke bomb: creates a cloud of smoke that hides everything in the cloud so you will be able to steal other items while inside the cloud of smoke. 


Items available to the Seeker Dicas

  1. Reveal outfit: shows you what a specific player is wearing. If a player notices that you have used this item they will be able to use their swop clothes to disguise themselves.
  2. Shoot through objects: this allows the seeker to shoot through anything which allows you to access areas you are struggling to get to. 


Walking Dicas

In the game, the NPCs walk erratically and aren't walking in any particular direction. 

In order to copy the NPC's movement, walk-in short bursts of movement and don't turn while you are walking. If you are walking for too long, turn while you walk. 

If you walk in one direction for too long this will alert the seeker that you are not an NPC.

We suggest you walk in short movements in one direction, turn in another direction, walk some more and then repeat until you reach your destination.  


Different strategies in the race game Dicas

Strategy 1: Stay completely still and wait for the timer to run out. 

Strategy 2: Use the surrounding buildings and other players to hide behind. 

Strategy 3: shout 'if i sprint ahead will you let me win'. Then sprint in a straight line to the end no matter the response you get from the seeker.  



Beginner Guide Guias

Players pretend to be NPCs while trying to collect diamonds scattered around the map. While you are walking around the map there will be a seeker, sometimes two seekers in the sky above the map trying to spot the players. 

Players will need to be careful as the NPCs are not focused on collecting diamonds and this can be a strategy that the seeker will use to spot the players who have collected multiple diamonds. 

In the Death Race, seekers will spot the players who are making their way across the race course to the finish line.  

SMii7Yplus shows you the game while he is playing


The claymantion style Guias

Every character, object, and piece of scenery in the game is made from authentic hand-shaped clay made by a real person and photographically scanned into the game giving the game an interesting and unique aesthetic.

The soundtrack features a pleasant and happy track matching the game's animation style. 


Assassins Mode Guias

In this part of the game, the sky seekers will be removed and everyone is part of the crowd which means every player takes the role of a hider. Players will then have to run around the map taking out opponents by throwing knives. If you kill an NPC that you believe is a player and it turns out that you are wrong you will lose points. 

In Clout Chasers, hiders can earn points by being as close as they can get to celebrity NPCs, BUT the seekers are obviously watching those celebrity NPCs very closely. 


Premium version of Just Act Natural Guias

With the premium version of the game, you will receive access to three more maps and game modes. You will also get instant access whenever any new content is resealed in the game in the future. 



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