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Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus
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  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Aug 8, 2022
  • Gêneros: Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS), Tactical
  • Temas: Science fiction
  • Classificações: PEGI 12, ESRB T
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What You need to Know To Be Good At Warhammer 40 000


Stats Of Units

Any time during a battle, tap on a unit to select it, then look at the top of the screen to see its stats.

The unit's portrait and traits are located on the side that is farthest to the left. The traits represent the units, armor, and faction.

The unit's attacks are listed to the right of its name. The first are melee attacks and a crosshair for a ranged attack, and units can have both melee and ranged attacks. The range of a ranged attack is represented by its number.

While the red crystals represent this unit's health, the shield stands for armor. A unit's movement is shown to the right of armor, and its damage is shown below movement.

Calculating Damage

To determine the final base damage, multiply the damage stat of a unit by the quantity of hits caused by an attack.

However, the enemy's armor value reduces this damage. Each incoming hit receives a flat damage reduction from armor.

The game lacks counterattack mechanics and attacks of opportunity when a player moves close to an enemy unit.

You will be dealing overkill damage, which indicates that your killing strikes are dealing at least twice as much damage as is required to eliminate that unit. Keep in mind that overkill cancels out any ability that activates upon death. 

Abilities Of A Unit

In addition to unique traits, each unit also possesses unique skills that enable them to affect the course of a battle on their own. The possibilities here include obtaining unrestricted attacks, single-target nukes, and AOE healing for units.

Terrain and Movement

Each unit is given a single movement phase. Whether or not you moved to a unit's full range depends on this. Your turn ends when you move where a unit cannot engage in combat with an enemy unit. A unit's ability to fly is one of several unique traits that can impact its movement.

A unit's movement can be previewed before it actually executes the movement action. You must tap the chosen hex twice to move there, and any enemies the unit can hit will be highlighted in red when you choose a tile to move to.

High Ground Helps A Lot

A very potent and persistent hex effect is high ground. Enemies on lower ground take more damage from units with a height advantage.

Ranged vs. Melee

For their attacks to be effective, ranged units require room. Ranged units are forced to use melee attacks if they are close to an enemy. As you advance through the game, you encounter elements like cliffs that disobey this rule.

The Danger Zone

Select the skull-and-hexes icon that is located in the lower left corner of the screen. Which enemy units can attack during their turn will be highlighted in the game. You can then position your units more effectively as you wait for your opponent's turn.

Increasing Skill Level

Spending resources on abilities allows for improvement. Heroes must reach a certain level in order to upgrade their skills.

By raising their rarity, units can unlock a second passive unique ability. A character's secondary skills support their primary skill.

Supplies and Equipment

There are slots for equipment on each character. There are two sets of equipment visible in the loadout screen: one for supplies and the other for actual gear. You increase your warriors' combat effectiveness and base stats by getting them new equipment.

The six slots below are for supplies, which you obtain by completing stages, while the blue slots represent the actual equipment your heroes carry. Forging and ascent are two methods for increasing the stats of equipment. Every time you finish a set of six supplies, those equipment items will be consumed and upgraded in your stats. Supplies come in sets of six. 

Supplies and equipment are obtained through clearing stages. The stage of the campaign where a piece of gear drops can be determined by tapping the empty slot when looking for it. You can ask for specific items from your guild and hope someone will be kind.

For resources, supplies, and equipment, you can farm campaign stages, but it will take energy. You will need to wait until you are recharged if you run out of energy.

Using Raid Tickets to complete a stage where you have all three medals will speed up farming. You still have to pay for energy even if you use Raid Tickets.

The daily deal store is another excellent place to find supplies and equipment. There are times when you can find equipment there for a discount. By using Blackstone, you can also purchase better gear, but since you need those tools to draw characters, it's not a good idea.

Promotion and Ascencion

As soon as you have enough of a character's shards, promote them. A character gets stars after promotions. You can check a character's profile to see how many shards are required to promote them.

Character promotion results in ascension. Characters that ascend become more rare and reach higher levels. Common characters' ability stats are increased and their second unique ability is unlocked by ascending.

A character can be ascended with ease. Gain more shards after promoting them until they have the option to ascend.

StillAliveGG discusses how to power up heroes, unlock heroes, what pierce damage is, how to gain armor, and how to use the terrain advantage.



Blackstone, which you can acquire by completing the game or by purchasing it, is needed to requisition drop pods. Characters are not always present in requisition drop pods. They could also contain resources. Pulling 10 drop pods, however, ensures that at least one of them will contain a character.

Boss Rewards


You'll have the choice to finish the stage in order to obtain some of the boss' shards once you've unlocked that chapter's boss. If you collect enough shards, you can make that boss your own!

Perform Your Daily Quests


You'll be able to access the mission crate once you've finished all the daily quests. Filling the bar all the way up is always worthwhile because you'll get more resources like coins, badges, and shards of rare heroes. 

Take Part in Additional Game Modes


There are numerous game modes, including the campaign. More modes that award character shards will be available to you as your power level rises.

New Campaigns


You unlock new content and strengthen your army by gathering more characters! Through campaigns, you view the conflict from a different perspective, which unlocks additional rewards.



In onslaught mode, waves of enemies will spawn, which you can see before the round starts. The following wave begins after a set number of turns, and the enemies from that wave will start to invade. Avoid being overrun by the hordes by moving swiftly to eliminate troublesome enemies.



You earn points for fighting in the arena, and those points determine where you rank on the leaderboard. The number of arena crates you receive at the end of a season depends on where you finished the season in your current league. You advance to leaderboards that are more difficult if you fight in the arena to earn more victories. If you want to compete against the best, you will have to demonstrate your strength and strategic thinking.

Three opponents are available for you to battle. For some Blackstone, you can opt to reroll your opponents. Only 15 fights are permitted each day.

Join A Guild


As soon as you can, join a guild. You'll be able to offer and receive assistance from your allies, forging bonds of fire in the process. 

Guild Support


You can either farm it or buy it when equipping heroes with supplies. Alternatively, you might want to try your luck by requesting an item.

Guild Raids


In raids, your group will face formidable adversaries that no single player can defeat. You're not working alone, which is good news. If guild members support you, then you will eventually defeat enemies for rewards. The damage a guild member does to the raid boss is irreversible.

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