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Siege Battle Ovos de Páscoa

During a siege battle, you must go into the settings and put the game music on 0% and turn off the restricted camera.

You must then wander around the city and enter a Blacksmith. You will then hear the sounds of the noises that occur at a blacksmith.

This also occurs at a barracks. Where you will hear the sounds of crying soldiers as they train. 

Pixelated Apollo shows a really great battle thats down to the wire!


Medieval Cheats Batoteiros

In order to cheat on Medieval 2 on PC Mode. You must first go to the command console by pressing the "~" key on your keyboard. 

You must then press the "up" arrow, and it will bring up your most recent input.

You must hold your mouse over the adviser character. You will see a magnified image of them in the left top corner.

You must also look at the top left corner of your screen and see the map guide. The magnifying glass must also go over the character.

You will see the tab written screen appear, and you must type in add_population [settlement name] [amount]. Once you have done this, you must press "enter."

This will add the specified amount of population to the desired settlement. 

You must use a negative value to remove the population from the desired settlement.

You must type in the words "add_money [amount]" this will give you the desired amount of money. 

However, you can only go up to 40 000 and no higher.

You can insert [faction name] before the value to give money to another faction instead. Using a negative

Type the words "show_cursosstat" and then click on a mine or building, and the location and coordinates will be revealed.

YourTotalWarMaster shows you how to cheat in Total War:medieval 2


Unlimited Boat Movement Glitch Glitches

In order for the unlimited boat movement glitch to work, you will need a fleet with at least two ships and an army on crusader or g hide.

When your fleet is on g hide, they will be limited to a restricted movement.

You must put your army on your fleet, and you will notice the distance your ship can travel will increase.

You will need to be on the coastline of the game and select the entire army. You must not disembark but rather select a building or enemy to attack.

As soon as your army leaves the ship, you must press "backspace."

This will affect your ships movement, and now all your ships will have unlimited movement.

Your ship can now travel all the way to Africa and back at no cost. 

Go back to the coast and select your army. Put them back on your boat.

Once your army is in the boat. You must select every unit card in your fleet and move them into one space. This will allow your boat to take your army anywhere.

Do not stop, or the glitch will end, and units can't disembark if they have traveled too far.

LegendofTotalwar shows you and exploit guide.


Time out Assault win glitch Glitches

In order for this glitch to work, you must be up against a garrison of Malle only and not a lot of them.

If a city only has general bodyguards. You must go to development and start a battle. The enemy general can't fight on the walls and will move to the town square.

You must try to get your own into the town. Once your army has climbed the walls, they must move into the town center and surround it. 

If u have more troops surrounding the town center, your troops will not be attacked.


How to unlock Aztecs and Mongols Guias

You must load the game and play as another fraction until the Mongols will arrive between turn 60 to 70.

When the Mongols arrive, you must use the Medieval Shell.

You must type in "controls Mongols'' on the tab. 

There will now be a turning phase, and you would have neutralized the attack.

When the Aztecs attack, type the words "controls Aztecs," and the threat will be neutralized.

Arche shows you how to unlock Aztecs and Mongols in Total War Medieval 2.


How to get rid of an Assassin Guias

When you see an assassin during gameplay, whether they are located at the coast or a mountain.

You must surround the assassin with 8 troops in a square.

The assassin will not be able to move. You must then take another unit and place them on top of the Assassin.

You must then grab another player and instruct them to be placed on top of the Assassin.

The assassin will then die.

MELKOR shows you a guide to kill an Assasin.


Manage your Troops Dicas

It is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your troops. Archers need to be great for long-distance attacks but will need to be protected by another military.

When your troops are being defeated, you must know when to retreat and regroup. If your front line of soldiers has been defeated and you can save your archers. You must regroup and retreat.

Hold Jerusalem as a city. 

You must hold Jerusalem as a city. This will give you a 15% Public Order increase.

MELKOR gives us some tips and tricks.


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