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Última atualização: 3 de dezembro de 2023
Snowbreak: Containment Zone
  • Categoria: Jogo principal
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Jul 19, 2023
  • Gêneros: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG)
  • Temas: Science fiction
  • Classificações: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Beginner’s Guide


Don’t Try to Rush 

When you start a new mission, a blue marker will appear on the screen to indicate the destination you need to travel to. The journey to the new location can be long and dangerous due to the enemies that will swarm your path to try and slow you down. You may be tempted to run through all these fights as fast as possible, but this is not the best decision. 

New mission destinations are usually blocked until you defeat all the enemies on the path, and sprinting through as fast as possible will aggro all the enemies, and they’ll keep chasing you until you leave the stage.

Take it slow and work through path enemies systematically so you don’t become overwhelmed. Fighting them in stages is an excellent strategy to have, especially when fighting enemies who worship Titans, otherwise known as Adventists.

Ensure Your Always Have a Support in Your Team

Your team consists of three Operatives, which you can switch between while in battle. Each of them has three skills:

  • Active - Is specific to the Operative you’re playing with and has a cooldown time (bottom right of your screen). Using these skills consumes energy specific to the Operative.
  • Support - Can be used if an Operative is not on the battlefield. You’ll see all available operatives on the top right of the screen with a button for their support skill beside their name. Using this skill consumes energy specific to the Operative. If an Operative is on the battlefield, you can’t use their support skill.
  • Ultimate - After damaging or defeating an enemy, you’ll gain some energy (indicated by the blue bar beside an Operative’s name on the top right). You can use an Operative's ultimate once you’ve gathered the required energy. The accumulated energy is shared between the Operatives on your team, so make sure you have one with a good Ultimate.

The design of these skills and combat in general can be complicated. The best thing you can do is have at least one Support character on your team to ensure your survival. Support characters’ skills aren’t specific to healing or shielding; some can slow your enemies down for a few seconds, giving you a significant edge in combat.

Be Smart About the Use of Your Presence

Presence is the limited energy of the game that regenerates every six minutes. You have to use it to continue to the main story or to get specific items for different Operatives after you’ve unlocked a section called Operatives. The items you can get include SilverBucks, Operative EXP materials, Weapon EXP materials, and others. 

You need to make sure you’re spending your Presence wisely. Completing the main story should always be your top priority, as it will reward you with materials and DigiCash. Feel free to spend your Presence on EXP materials if you get stopped halfway through the story because you’re not at a certain level. They may not seem necessary at the start, but the cost of upgrading items gets more and more expensive the further you progress through the story.

Pay Attention to Your Lineup

The lineup screen is the best place to check your Operatives levels and upgrades to ensure everything is as you want. However, the lineup of your Operatives can be a little confusing as the placement of the Operatives doesn’t align with their positions during battle: the middle Operative takes first position, the left Operative takes second, and the right takes third. You’ll need to remember this so you don’t confuse yourself in battle and switch to the wrong Operative.

Do All Your Dailies

Once you’ve progressed through the story, you’ll unlock the Tasks section, where you’ll be given Daily, Weekly, Target, and Main Story tasks. The most important ones are Daily and Weekly, as they’re time-sensitive, and you can miss out on rewards if you don’t complete them.

Daily tasks reset when the clock strikes midnight on the server you’re playing on, while Weekly tasks reset every Monday. These tasks will reward you with DigiCash that you can use on the Gacha system.

Know Your Weapons

An Operative’s weapon is as important as their skills. Each weapon has different fire rates, ammo, ATK, and a special ability. You need to take note of these stats and make sure that the weapon you’re using is compatible with your Operative.

Complete the Main Story to Unlock Content

The main story is composed of chapters, each with stages you’ll need to complete. As you progress, you will unlock more chapters and different game modes. You’ll also gain access to various modes and features.

Keep Yourself Out of Range and Learn Enemy Attack Patterns

There are many powerful enemies scattered throughout the game that can deal ridiculous amounts of damage. Fortunately, you can minimize the damage dealt to your character by staying out of their attack range or dodging any attacks they try to throw at you.

If you find yourself in a position where you can’t get out of an enemy's attack range, then you’re going to want to learn their attack patterns. Boss enemies will do a specific movement that you can learn when they’re about to launch an attack at you, so take a moment or two to study them.

Shoot at the Explosives

It can be challenging to deal with a sudden swarm of enemies alone. Fortunately, the game has some wonderful tools in the form of explosions that help get rid of them and make battle slightly more manageable.

When you step into an arena, you’ll notice barrels scattered around the area. These will explode if you shoot them, thus damaging all the enemies nearby. 

Grind Resources through Operations

Once you’ve played through enough of the main story, you’ll unlock a game mode called Operations, which you can use to farm the resources you want. Upon entering the game mode, you’ll see different operations to obtain different resources such as EXP materials, general currency, weapon ascension materials, and more.

These resources are necessary for leveling up and progressing through the game, so you will want to make sure you enter Operations and grind out as many resources as possible.

Take Part in Co-op Mode for a Better Experience

Co-op mode allows you to play with your friends online. You can team up with three players to complete objectives through the Gigalink. There are several maps to choose from, and each battlefield has different objectives for you and your friends to complete.

What says friendship more than teaming up to take out enemies with a fun collection of skills and violent weaponry?

Enhance Your Operatives

You can enhance your Operatives in different ways to strengthen all their aspects. Even the best heroes in the game need to be upgraded to make them ideal for any situation. This way, no matter how tough your enemies are, you can still beat them.

You can upgrade your Operatives through training. If training is taking too long, you can spend EXP items to speed up the process. Keep in mind you can only upgrade your hero as high as your account level, so if you’re at 21, your hero can only be upgraded to 21 levels.

Your Operatives' weapons can be upgraded through weapon EXP. When you upgrade weapons, the weapon attributes will increase, granting your characters’ power a major boost.

Boss Battles in Neural Simulation Mode

Fighting bosses in Neural Simulation Mode will give you an idea of what you might face on the battlefield. You can fight bosses with different difficulty levels and slowly increase the difficulty to challenge yourself more as you improve your Operatives and their weaponry. Once you’ve successfully defeated a boss on a specific level and feel confident that you can defeat bosses of a similar level, you can increase the difficulty for yourself.

How the Battle Assembly Banner Works


The Battle Assembly Banner is the beginner banner that unlocks when you unlock the Echo system. You can only wish 50 times, but a five-star Manifestation is guaranteed on your 50th wish.

While you can only do a ten-pull on this banner, you get a 20% discount, so you only have to spend 8 Operative Recruitment Chits. You’re guaranteed a four-star Operative every ten pulls, so you can get five of them from this banner.

Every pull has a 0.7% chance of granting you a five-star Operative and an 8% chance of granting you a four-star Operative. If you get a five-star before reaching 50 wishes, the banner resets to zero, meaning your chance of a second one is greatly diminished.

If you get a five-star early, don’t keep pulling. Instead, wait until you’ve got another banner to guarantee that second five-star.

While you could exchange DigiCash for a ten-pull if you don’t have enough Recruitment Chits, it’s not recommended. The Battle Assembly Banner stays in the game permanently until you’ve used all 50 pulls, so it’s better to use your DigiCash on time-limited banners.

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