Gold Chests Location Guide for Destiny on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Gold Chests Location Guide

Every location has 5 gold chests, with a bonus reward for players who open all 5.

Earth Gold

  1. Earth Gold Chest 1 - It sits on the desk in a little room before the boss in the cosmodrone during "Restoration."
  2. Earth Gold Chest 2 - It is on the rooftop to the left during the wizard battle in "The Dark Within," accessible through use of a double jump.
  3. Earth Gold Chest 3 - It is in a cave along the path leading through the canyon on the way to the Forgotten Shore.
  4. Earth Gold Chest 4 - It is at the Forgotten Shore. Start at the broken bridge, and then go through the water left along the rocks until you're under the bridge. There, use a double jump to pass the rocks and reach a path that leads to the chest.
  5. Earth Gold Chest 5 - It is near the stairs on the platform beneath where you begin the final battle of the "Devil's Lair" Strike Mission.

Moon Gold

  1. Moon Gold Chest 1 - It is on the bottom level of the cave in "The World's Grave," accessible by jumping from the area in which you find the cocoons. Make your way through the water to find it.
  2. Moon Gold Chest 2 - It is on top of a rock behind the ramp near the gas-filled crater, further along the road beyond the objective marker.
  3. Moon Gold Chest 3 - It is along the rock wall during the sequence where you must defend your Ghost in "The World's Grave."
  4. Moon Gold Chest 4 - It is in the temple in "Chamber of Night." Continue down until you can follow the ramp to the Hive ship. The second ramp leads to a ledge on the right you can jump to, which will allow you to cross additional ledges to reach the chest.
  5. Moon Gold Chest 5 - It is on the platform near the pillars, at the edge of the boss battle room in "The Summoning Pits" Strike Mission.

Venus Gold

  1. Venus Gold Chest 1 - It is by a pillar, unsubmerged, shortly before the Ishtar Academy in "The Stranger's Call."
  2. Venus Gold Chest 2 - It is behind the orange building by the radio tower at Campus 9 in the "Ishtar Collective."
  3. Venus Gold Chest 3 - It can be reached from the Ishtar Commons area in "The Archive." Start at the top of the ship, and enter the door underneath the sign marked with a blue circle. Follow the path until the N/Gen branch, where you should leave and go through the door on the right, to find the chest in a cubicle.
  4. Venus Gold Chest 4 - It is accessible by jumping from the rightmost of the two light rods found after the fight with the Kell guards and during your search for Draksis in "Scourge of Winter."
  5. Venus Gold Chest 5 - It is within the Ketch ship, in the lower right area from where you enter, in the "Winter's Run" Strike Mission.

Mars Gold

  1. Mars Gold Chest 1 - It is on top of the crates in the building to the right after you encounter the Legion in "Exclusion Zone."
  2. Mars Gold Chest 2 - It is accessible near the exit from the tunnel leading to the Hollows. After you pass the ramp, look around for an opening. Jump through it onto a metallic platform. From the corner, you can double jump onto a ledge. Crouch to access the chest.
  3. Mars Gold Chest 3 - It is behind the desk in the room reached through the door near the "3" at the start of the "Dusk Palace" Strike Mission.
  4. Mars Gold Chest 4 - It can be found after the ambush in "The Garden's Spire." There is a platform above some crates and pipes. Jump onto the crates, then onto the pipes, and then onto the platform. Go to the next platform, and then keep going until you reach the chest.
  5. Mars Gold Chest 5 - It is behind a grate in the room near the warp gate you must destroy by the train car in "Rising Tide."