Earn 4,000 Glimmer Every 10 Minutes for Destiny on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Earn 4,000 Glimmer Every 10 Minutes

Follow the steps below to earn about 4,000 glimmer every 10 minutes.

  1. Start the Level 14 mission "Shrine of Onyx."
  2. When the Ghost says you need to find a way to the shrine, Hallowed Acolyte enemies will appear.
  3. Use an Ether Seed.
  4. Fight both groups of Hallowed Acolytes.
  5. Near the left wall, there is a pit. Jump into it to die and respawn at the nearby checkpoint with your glimmer, at which point you and trigger the encounter again.
  6. When 10 minutes are up, use another Ether Seed.

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