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  • Ratings: PEGI 3,
  • First Release (Any platform): Jan 12, 2021

Brain Beats is a musical VR game driven by rhythm, designed by a team of psychophysical wellness professionals. Relieve your stress with exciting and immersive gameplay and combine synchronized physical exercises with music in 3 different modes. Follow the rhythm and hit globes with the correct hand at the right time or cut cubes with swords to get the best score! Fight back against stress with slow, calm music or be captivated by exciting, energizing and fast-paced tracks! Organize your training with custom playlists: fast-paced, relaxing, or a combination of both! Keep track of the calories burned with your movements. Choose your rhythm and enjoy a flowing experience with no interruptions. Each category of music has different atmospheres and colors to help you get the best results in a complete and immersive experience.

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