Levolutions Multiplayer Guide for Battlefield 4 on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Levolutions Multiplayer Guide

"Levolutions" in Battlefield 4 are events that change the maps in multiplayer gameplay. Many of them can be triggered or otherwise used to the player's advantage. Follow the guide below to learn about all of the different "levolutions."


On the Dawnbreaker map, you can trigger a huge explosion. Valves across the map control the pressure in the gas pipes that run beneath the ground. If you maximize the pressure, the pipes will blow up, creating a large crack in the ground that you can use for cover and destroying the bridge, which will slow the progress of enemy soldiers.

Flood Zone

Unsurprisingly, on the Flood Zone map, you can cause a flood. Destroy the levee with explosives, and gallons of water will rush across the land to put a significant portion of it underwater. You might want to have a handgun with you, so that you can fight in the flooded sections.

Golmud Railway

The Golmud Railway map features a control point on a train. It's much more than just a regular control point, however, because the train will slowly make its way across the map. Once you get on the train, take advantage of its mounted weapons to either defend your base or attack your opponent's.

Hainan Resort

The Hainan Resort map is covered with oils slicks that can be ignited and a central hotel that will collapse if you blow up all of its sections on the first floor. With a crumbling building and blazing fires, the map will be significantly different than when you began.

Lancang Dam

On the Lancang Dam map, bring all of your explosive weaponry to bear on the dam itself and blow it up to send pieces of concrete hurtling through the air in a dramatic scene of destruction.

Operation Locker

Use the prison to your advantage on the Operation Locker map. You can alter hallways and paths with cell doors and destroy the guard tower, while snowstorms periodically turn the external environment into a blinding blizzard.

Paracel Storm

On the Paracel Storm map, a terrible storm rages and will eventually force a U.S. destroyer toward the coast, with devastating effects for anything in its way such as players and the coastline itself. If you don't want to wait for the storm to take care of things, weaken the destroyer's cracked turbine to hasten its inevitable fate.


The central feature of the Rogue Transmission map is its giant satellite dish. Ten cables keep it steady, but you can blow up the concrete that anchors them to send the satellite dish crashing down to devastate the landscape.

Siege of Shanghai

It is a skyscraper that you can topple on the Siege of Shanghai map. To bring it down, blow up each of the four cracked pillars and then stay clear of the deadly collapse. You can also slow your opponents' advancement across the map by pulling up bollards on the bridges in the north.

Zavod 311

Keep your eye on the huge smoke stack on the Zavod 311 map. If you can get to the smoke stack and go inside, you'll find a timer that explodes a warhead to reduce the smoke stack to a crumbling pile of debris and alter the paths through the map.

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