ANVIL Przewodniki na Xbox One (X1)

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Oto nasze Przewodniki za ANVIL w Xbox One. Najbardziej godne zaufania elementy otrzymują najwięcej „kciuków w górę” od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

Czy podoba ci się ANVIL?

Kliknij przycisk oceny poniżej, aby dodać swoją ocenę... lub nawet Napisz recenzję!

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A general guide to Anvil gameplay. Przewodniki

Health bar.

Your available skills and the action buttons for each.
Upon use, the image will show the cooldown period.

Coins currently owned
Killing monsters or breaking boxes may give you coins. 
There is also a chance that monsters will drop health packs or weapons. 

You are located in the center. Here you will find square boxes which indicate the location of a relic chest. Monsters will continue to attack you whilst you are accessing the skill upgrade. 
It is best to defeat all monsters first before you attempt to open the device. 

The exclamation hexagon 
Is the skill upgrade station. You will find one at the start of every planet. 
Monsters will continue to attack you whilst you are accessing the skill upgrade. 
It is best to defeat all monsters first before you attempt to open the device. 

Dodge skills
Shows the number remaining and the cooldown period.
Dodging precisely as the enemy attacks you will award you special effects.

Each tick represents 10 ammo.
The fraction shows you your total remaining ammo.
Will automatically reload once finished. 

Alert System
It increases with time; once filled, each monster on the field receives a buff. It will also summon mechanical monsters.

Below the minimap are 4 information bars.
The first shows you the current galaxy you are on.
The second shows you the planet you are on.
The third shows the enemy level.
This will rise as you explore a new area of the map, complete a planet and when the alert gauge fills up.
The fourth is the timer which shows the amount of time you have spent in the galaxy. 

• Once all monsters have been defeated, a glowing circle with an arrow will appear showing you the direction you must go next.

• Upon entry into the final arena on a planet, a Warning message will appear.
Once you clear the planet, you will only have 60 seconds to break boxes to collect coins.
Make sure to check any vault chests that you may have passed.

The alert gauge and enemy level timer will stop during this time. 

• Before a boss lair, there is a skill upgrade station and Vaulty's shop. Make sure to prepare yourself for the upcoming battle.

• During a boss fight, an HP bar will be displayed showing the boss’s remaining health.
The amount of health bars will be shown next to the boss’s name. 
Once a health bar is depleted, the boss will gain momentary immunity. Its attack pattern will also differ. 

• There is a rampage bar below the health bar. Once full and activated, the boss will be able to inflict more damage as its skills will increase. You will also be able to inflict increased damage during this period.

The Hud explained.

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