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Garten of Banban 4
  • Kategoria: Główna gra
  • Po raz pierwszy wydany: Aug 10, 2023
  • Gatunki: Adventure, Indie
  • Tematy: Action, Horror
  • Ratingi: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout the Game

Easter Eggs

Zolphius Appearance

The game series has plenty of characters. The game's second edition introduces Zolphius after a player exits the Medical Sector. He is the only mutant monster that doesn’t do anything.

Zolphius’s pale, gigantic face appears as an easter egg in this game. You can find him in the dark after leaving behind Banban and Nabnab in the feeding center. Zolphius's face appears in the dark abyss. 

ThinkNoodles Easter Egg

The game's creators decided to include “ThinkNoodles” voice as one of the Broken Jesters. ThinkNoodles is a famous YouTube content creator and game critic who plays the game series.

ThinkNoodles name is mentioned at the end of the game in the credit scene. The Euphoric Brothers give him a special thanks at the end.

ThinkNoodles shares an easter egg he found in Garten of Banban 4

How To Open The Syringeon Room


The Syringeon Room is one of the hidden secrets in the game. The secret room is in the big hall with a circle in the middle of the floor. The circle positioned on the floor points in various directions.

In the same room, look next to the TV and sofas, and you will see a big metal green double door. The Secret Room of Syringe is located behind the green metal door, which is now locked.

To open these doors, you must wait until Banban carries Mr. Kabob Man on his back and places him down near a metal rail fence. Banban will say, “I need to hand this imposter over to someone very close to me.” 

Once Banban places Mr. Kabob Man down, Nabnab will come and steal him. Nabnab will start to run away, and you will have to start chasing him with the help of BanBan. In the end, you will be outrun by Nabnab and Banban.

Eventually, you will be able to catch up with Banban and Nabnab. You will be positioned outside a room and notice them fighting each other. After a few sequences, they will both end up dying.

After the fight sequence, you must enter the room and interact with Mr. Kabob Man, who is in the corner. Mr. Kabob will say a few words, and you will then be able to interact with him again. He will then say, “Open Sesame!” and a metal green door will open.

Once the doors have opened, you must pick up a green keycard. Take the green keycard and go back to the main hall room. Use the green keycard to interact with the green double door in the hall room. A drone will then be triggered and approach the sensor on the door, which will be unlocked.

Yolo Gamer shares a guide on how to find the Syringeon Room

How to Start The Game


At the beginning of Garten Banban 4, you must click the clock on the bottom right of the screen. This will skip ahead, and you will begin the game at an elevator. Pick up Opila Bird and run through the hallway.

Monsters will begin to chase you; don’t look back. Continue ahead to escape the monster chase. The pathway will start to narrow, and the monsters will get stuck in the hallway. As you reach a closed door, place the Opila bird on one of the buttons, and you must stand on the other.

The door will then be unlocked, and you must go through to find another closed door. To open the locked door, place the Opila bird in the left corner of the room. You must stand on the button on the right side of the room.

You must then instruct the toy to press the button above the closed door, and it will open. Once the door opens, go through it and talk to the object. You will then move on to the next section of the game.

Banden shares a walkthrough guide for Garten of Banban 4

How to Pass Ventilation Sector


The Ventilation Sector is a room with tiled floors and steel walls. Walking through the room, you will notice vents along the linings of the walls. During this section of the game, the Sheriff Toadster and Little Break will help you navigate through 3 corridors.

Nabnab will be stalking you in the vents, so watch out. To pass this section, you must use the Baby Ophila Bird to navigate the vents. The baby bird will stay silent when there is no danger and start to chirp when it senses danger.

You must go through a door on the right to get to the ventilation room. Place sawdust on the button on the table and use your character to stand on the other button. A drone will then launch into a button above the door and open it.

Walk through the doorway and continue until you see a “snake.” Walk closer to the mutant until it begins to chase after you. Run back towards the same door that you just entered through. The door will be locked, and the Sheriff Toadster will save you. 

The doorway to the ventilation room will now be unlocked, and you must carry sawdust in your hands. In the ventilation room, you must take one of three paths past the ventilation shafts.

The bird will guide you. If it makes a noise, Nabnab will be lurking in the ventilation shaft. You must then take a few steps back and try a different pathway. Take your time, and go along the correct path, which will lead you to the end of the corridor with ventilation holes.

Once you have reached the end of the corridor, you must go to the administration room and search for a “What?” button. Click on the button and unlock the door. You must then take the gear for the elevator and go back to the rail platform.

Once you have reached the rail platforms, click a square white button. Clicking on the button will make you return to the residential sector. You must follow the sheriff to the elevator and place the gear on it.

After you have installed the gear on the elevator, you must find the “Queen” and interact with her. Search a nearby table for a blue keycard and go to the infirmary opposite the steps you took to the “Queen.”

Banban will be located inside the first room on the left-hand side of the infirmary. Interact with Banban and take an orange key card from the table. With the orange key card in hand, go to the end of the corridor.

You must then use the key card to open the door. Once the door is open, you will meet Stinger Flynn. Interact with him, and you must view the memory. After viewing the memory, you must return to the rail platform and find Banban.

Run Away From Monsters


The mutant monsters are pretty quick to chase you down. Walking and strolling away from them will only end up killing you. Run away from monsters when you notice them on your screen. Mutant monsters will sometimes slow down but never stop until you have reached safety.

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