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Fortnite Zero Build
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How to Cheat in Custom Worlds


Although the game does have built-in cheats, they are limited to custom worlds or "islands" and are not technically cheats at all, but who cares! You can cheat to your heart's content while exploring custom creations, but there are not any cheats that will help you advance in the game's online multiplayer rankings. You can significantly alter the game's settings when you use creative modes to construct an island, which is a special kind of play area.

Here is a list of some of the Creative settings that can be altered and are essentially cheats:

  • Change Max Health
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Resources
  • Auto-Pickup
  • Immunity Time
  • Change Gravity
  • Max Energy
  • Max Sprint
  • Flight
  • Spawn Guards
  • Overshield

As you can see, most of that list consists of things regarded as traditional cheat codes in any other game. To have a chance of winning on the multiplayer platform, you will need to play with the best settings, but in Creative, you can change the game's settings to become invincible and have access to an endless supply of resources.

How to Master Tactics


In Zero Build mode, key strategies must be adapted to maximize your chances of victory. These tips will assist you in navigating the gameplay changes and securing those coveted victory royales.

Make Use of Long-Range Weapons

Embrace a more aggressive playstyle by wielding long-range weaponry. Building experts often force close-range combat, making shotguns essential. However, a defensive mindset prevails in the game, and the longer the weapon's range, the better. Utilize scoped weapons for a distinct advantage.

Keep Low in Open Spaces

Contrary to instinct, avoid seeking a height advantage in open fields. While the high ground offers visibility, it also exposes you. Instead, remain close to the ground in crevices and dips to avoid being caught off guard.

Stay High In Built-Up Areas

When navigating crowded environments like Tilted Towers, prioritize occupying high-ground positions. Opt for tall buildings with multiple windows to effectively observe and engage passing opponents.

Using Vegetation As Cover

With building capabilities limited, rely on the natural cover provided by vegetation. It offers excellent concealment opportunities to catch foes off guard or evade danger in tricky situations.

Hold Onto Energy For Escapes

Carefully manage your energy resources for strategic escapes. Positioning around the terrain becomes critical; making slight elevation changes or finding solid cover are life-saving maneuvers. Avoid using energy frivolously for non-essential movement.

Items That Heal Have Lower Priority

Given the limited windows for healing, hoarding healing items becomes less essential. Save them for after victorious fights, as battles are swift. Hold onto a few healing items, but don't rely on them as heavily as usual.

Utilize Rift-To-Go For Escapes

To escape dire situations, employ the Rift-To-Go item. This teleportation device propels you into the air, allowing you to glide to safety or gain a favorable counterattack position.

Avoid Vehicles

The game favors a defensive playstyle, making vehicles, particularly heavy ones, unwise choices. They draw attention and make you an easy target. Use vehicles sparingly for transportation, as sneaky on-foot movement offers better stealth opportunities.

Let Others Fight First

Exercise caution when down to the final few opponents. Avoid rushing into battles carelessly, as hidden opponents may ambush you. Instead, allow others to engage in combat and pick off the survivors strategically, increasing your chances of victory.

Provoke Quick Fire-Fights

The game rewards clever, swift plays. While retreating to recover may seem appealing, it often leads to unfavorable outcomes. Once engaged in combat, maintain relentless pressure until your opponent succumbs, ensuring a quick victory.

By embracing these tactics, you can adapt to the mode's unique challenges and secure triumphs in the face of altered gameplay dynamics.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


The Best Loadouts

Regarding ARs and shotguns, the general consensus is that the best guns are the Mythic Flapjack rifle and the Mythic drum shotgun. The recently added MK Alpha AR is also a solid option. It's up to you to choose what you prefer for your loadout. There is a debate between the drum shotgun and the Havoc shotgun. Generally, the Havoc shotgun is the better option if you're good at hitting that one big shot and focused. 

However, if you struggle to hit those big shots or lack confidence, the drum shotgun is a more forgiving option. Both are good choices. In terms of shotguns, the Mythic drum shotgun is definitely the best. 

Havoc versus Drum Shock is a big discussion. Many players carry a combat SMG and either an MK alpha or Flapjack AR. You can go for a two- or three-weapon loadout, depending on preference. The three-weapon loadout with an SMG-type weapon, a drum or Havoc shotgun, and a longer-range rifle works best. The number of weapons in your loadout depends on your discretion.

Mobility and Rotations

There is currently a small lack of mobility compared to previous seasons. Shockwaves are a fantastic option if you have multiple, and they were just unveiled. Slap juices may be worth carrying, depending on your other mobility options. It's also worth taking the Porta Bunker whenever you find it. For healing, focus on carrying fast healing items like slurp juice and shield fish are also a great option if you can find them. 

The preferred loadout for most players consists of two to three weapons of your preference, one or two pieces of fast-healing items, and the Porta bunker in your final slot. It's worth considering switching out either a healing item or one of your weapons for Shockwave grenades if you have many of them. If you have three or more shock wave grenades, it's worth dropping other items for them.

Rotations and Positioning

One important tip is to focus on early rotations whenever possible. Getting caught in the storm or shot at while rotating is a significant issue. It's easier to get caught up and killed this season because of a late rotation. So, trying to get to the zone as early as possible is crucial. While there may be situations where you have to rotate late, for the most part, it's best to focus on early rotations. Even with shockwaves in the game, you won't always have them, and getting caught without them can be problematic. Another important tip is to maintain height and cover. Lack of height or cover often leads to death. 

As you rotate through the map, always have some form of height or cover, whether it's trees, buildings, or bushes. Having something to resort to at all times is critical. The Porta Bunker is helpful for quick cover. Having a car whenever possible can also serve as great cover. Focus on holding height whenever possible, as it provides a considerable advantage in terms of vision. Ensure you have cover to play out fights skillfully and avoid exposure to spray battles.

Pre-Fight Damage

One of the most essential things is focusing on pre-fight damage. This means getting some shots off before your opponent does. Always stay alert as you move around the map. Try to have the best position, usually involving high ground and cover. While it's not always possible to get pre-fight damage, it can set you ahead in a fight, especially in the game, where you can use Shockwaves to secure kills. 

Sometimes, you'll get easy kills when you catch opponents off guard. If you can't get pre-fight damage because your opponent gets the jump on you, resort to the basics. Find cover, focus on right-hand peeks, and hit your shots. Even if you don't get pre-fight damage, a proper fight approach and execution can lead to success.

Aim Training

Aim training is simple, and we recommend Raider 464's aim training map. This map focuses on moving targets to replicate how real players move in fighting situations. Realistic targets provide a significant advantage in aim training.

Aim for about 15 to 45 minutes in your warm-up routine, preferably at the start. Aim training is one of the best warm-ups, and getting it done early is essential. Aim training can be tedious, but it's crucial to improving your performance.

Teckoh shares some Fortnite Zero Build tips

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