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ZADETTE is a parody of the 80s arcade games, where the heroes were muscular, where the graphics quality of a game was judged by the size of the sprites and where the strident music of the audio chips punctuated the levels. Despite its unique aesthetic, ZADETTE offers a real challenge. To complete the adventure you will need to familiarize yourself with its old-fashioned mechanics, get used to controlling a disproportionate character, and learn to take advantage of its lunar jumps and devastating sword strike. The adventure is 7 levels and 7 bosses long, all accompanied by music using the Yamaha YM2612 synthesizer (Sega Genesis' sound chip), to best reproduce the specific sounds of the melodies of the time. If you like the Ghosts'n Goblins series, old obscure arcade games such as Rastan and Altered Beast, the 16-bit era classics like Gods and Sword of Sodanā€¦ or if you are looking for a challengeā€¦ You will probably have fun playing ZADETTE!

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