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Super XYX is a new shmup from the creator of Fire Arrow X, ZPF and a couple of others. Co-developed and published by Team Grybanser Fox. Black Serpent rises... The year is 3999, humanity has long colonized itself across the galaxy, devouring new worlds for their resources, enjoying the interstellar life of luxury, more or less friendly interactions with other alien races. That was until an ancient threat has awakened from it's slumber. The Black Serpent, the great destroyer of worlds. He's back and he's about to make the Milky Way, his greatest feast yet. A bunch of unrelated misfits Now, there's a bunch of heroes who are fighting back...... but they have nothing to do with saving the world. No, they've got all their own reasons to fight Black Serpent and his forces. And there's 6 of them (4 of which are unlockable) each with unique shots and bombs. Tell me more about what's in this thing - 6 Stages....? Featuring big bosses and a lot of zakos to blow up. - Multiple unlockable game modes and characters - A full blown YM2151 soundtrack by Epilis - An experience calling back to the early 90s of arcade shmups! Awesome note: You can access additional options like difficulty settings in the game, by going into options > pad/keyboard settings > more options!

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