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  • First Release (Any platform): Mar 17, 2021

What do you do in this game? Get to the well with nothing but a grappling hook Die You will not lose all your progress with one mistake Learn to avoid obstacles through jumping, swinging, and weaving Die more Control your character with the keyboard and fire your hook with the mouse Improve The trailer is all gameplay footage, minus the quick cuts and the text overlay at the end. That's how it looks, that's how it plays. (Ok. I made the lava chasing the player faster in one scene, but you don't really want that.) There are a little over 40 levels at the time of release, some longer than others. The time that it takes to beat each level is highly dependent on player ability. Your progress is saved at the end of every level. You may use the level select to go back and replay any level and also utilize it to return to your furthest point of progress. The good. You should buy this game if: -You like a challenge- The game is hard, most people don't beat it. It is hard in a fair way, if you die it's because you sucked. -You enjoy grappling hooks- The grappling hook here tends to be more dynamic than some other hooks. You still have a lot of control over it, but you have to learn its ins and outs. -You like piano music- You won't be able to hear different music if you keep dying. -You want a game to beat you for a change- Even if it's just temporary. The bad. Avoid this game if: -You are expecting a story- There is no explicit story in this game. -You expect dialogue- There is no text aside from the title screen and option menus. -You suck- But I know you can do it. Growth mindset.

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