Quake II: Call of the Machine Batoteiros em Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Quake II: Call of the Machine
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  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Aug 9, 2023
  • Gêneros: Shooter
  • Temas: Action, Science fiction

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Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout the World

Ovos de Páscoa

Creepy Rubber Ducky

Several easter eggs can be found throughout the entire game series. You must do different tasks to uncover an easter egg; you won’t just stumble across an easter egg in the game.

In the Lost Station in Unit 1, a tram car travels between the level's upper and lower sections. If you ride the tram consecutively 13 times without interruption, a sign on the wall will reveal a creepy rubber duck. 

The creepy rubber ducky image is a reference to “Doom.” According to the game, finding a rubber duck in a basement is a sign of very bad things. The creators designed the joke.

Tim Willits' Drop Pod

There is an abandoned Drop Pod that leans against the wall, close to the entrance door of the Guard House in Unit 3. The signatures “Design is Law” and  “The Return of Dopefish” on the Drop Pod belong to Tim Willits. 

The message “Design is law” is a practical joke played on John Romero and Tom Hall. The pair co-founded Ion Storm and Id Software. Id Software developed the first “Doom” game.

Kacpi 26 shares some easter eggs in Quake 2.

How to Get Infinite Ammo


Ammunition is an essential and rare resource. Running out of ammunition is just not an option. To activate the infinite ammunition, go into the “Multiplayer” settings and select the “Local” option.

You must change the game’s configuration settings in “Game Mode.” Adjust the settings to “Co-operative” from “DeathMatch.” Scroll down to the bottom of the menu screen and change the Infinite Ammo settings to “Yes.” Go back to the main menu and begin to play a new game.

Green Arrow WB shares a guide for infinite ammunition

How to Beat Temple of the Creator


The Temple of the Creator is the final level. There are four enemy bosses and several minions that you must defeat to conquer the level. At the start of the level, you must move through the chambers and pick up weapons along the way.

Continue until you come across multiple platforms in a room filled with slime on the floor. You must jump across the platforms; they lower each time you move on them. Move quickly and jump across the platforms until you reach a button that opens a grate.

You will find weapons and ammunition on the other side of the grate. Collect them and walk through the passage. Continue through the passage, and it leads you to a boss fight with the Servitor of Creation. 

At the start of the battle, the platforms in the arena are lowered into the slime. You have to jump between each platform and traverse them. There is secret ammunition located on planks in the roof; shoot at the planks to unlock secrets.

A Hornet will be the first enemy boss that you face. He will be located in the far corner of the area and will start launching rockets at you. Once you have begun to inflict some damage on the Hornet, a central pillar will open up to reveal a Super Tank.

Focus your energy on destroying the Hornet first and killing minions that enter the arena through the doorways. A hyperblast shot will be more than enough to kill a minion, while the Hornet requires several rounds of ammunition.

The Hornet will fire rounds of ammunition and launch missiles at you. There is a pre-fire delay with both of its weapons, which allows you to fire at the machine in the delay time and take shelter when it begins to fire. 

Repeat this technique, firing heavy ammunition at the Hornet, which will soon destroy it. The number of enemies walking through the doorways depends on which mode you are playing. No minions will appear in the arena if you play in easy mode.   

Turn your attention to killing the Super Tank and killing minions as they appear. To kill the tank, you must activate Quad Damage. The tank will be destroyed after 50 rounds from a Chain Gun or 20 hyperblast shots. If you have invulnerability, activate it with Quad Damage, making it easier to defeat the tank.

After you have destroyed the Hornet and the Super Tank, the slime-filled arena will drain away. You will now have access to the lower area of the arena. Collect any ammunition or health in the arena.

Drop down into the lower floor area and collect the body armor on the ground. After you have dropped to the lower floor, a central pillar in the lower level will open up. Once the pillar has opened up, two Strogg-Makers will appear.

The Strogg-Makers are supported by minions. Depending on your difficulty level, there could be up to four groups of three mutants that the Masters release. To defeat these bosses, you must kill the mutants the Strogg-Makers release.

A healthcare pack is located in the center pillar where the Strogg-Masters entered the arena. Fill up on health and ammunition throughout the battle and avoid being surrounded by the mutants. The game will end after you have killed the two mutant bosses.

Pagb666 shares a walkthrough guide on how to beat the final boss

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Save Adrenaline

In this game, you can find and collect ammunition, body armor, medical supplies, and adrenalin. You must avoid consuming unwanted resources when your health is at full capacity. Adrenaline permanently increases your health by 1 percent and can save your life when you're low on health.

Gladiators Can’t Hit Moving Targets

When you encounter Gladiators (enemies with railguns), try to get close to them to force them into using a melee attack. If you can’t get close enough to them, move around, as they are less effective with hitting a moving target.

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