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Grind some dungeons… but do not die. Indices

Moonshades is one of those dungeon crawlers that end up being very beneficial to you if you play them as often as possible. Playing Moonshades every day will award you with much needed experience and rewards, but beware. Grinding for levels and experience will end up being very lucrative, but watch out, dying will cause you to lose half of your gold and half the experience of your current level. So make sure that you spend some time grinding some dungeons, but be sure not to die.

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Cheat Codes Cheats

Many mobile RPG games do not offer cheats, even with downloaded programs. Thankfully  Baldricksoft has some mercy on us, Moonshades have some cheat codes on offer, here follows a list of cheat codes to use:

  • jdBn1V9K4d
  • anWsBcaBah
  • SB2i9mrbhF
  • OEFD5e2cPC
  • j387YSO1Fi
  • ieOHyFHqzO
  • j8O4KuHNPI
  • SLveFRcYw
  • SIxpKAOB9i
  • i9x4Utq2S9
  • 0TnHheMD3s
  • cidrwvkkbm
  • 2JJT4dtKX2
  • LBGTfS - gems
  • 2bLS1k - rune
  • 58yX6p - magic forge pack
  • oU9BGc - eternal hourglass
  • 2wXq1w - keys
  • 3slyGy - legendary weapon
  • q7do9H - equipment
  • 0BqVSS - abilities
  • 4i0vQB - unlock door
  • tG7jBz - restore HP, mana
  • DigCX1 - great gift code pack 2020


Move up as soon as you can Indices

Grinding through low level dungeons can be very lucrative as you start out the game, but will eventually lead to you continually earning low level items and small amounts of experience. So once you are capable of it, move on up to the slightly higher level dungeons to start earning Epic and Legendary rewards with the added benefit of more gold. Make sure to not move up too soon, otherwise you will end up losing all of your hard earned loot.


Make use of the save and autosave feature Indices

Every time you start a new side level or regular level, the game autosaves, so if you die in the level, you can reload and start the level over again. One of the best ways to not cripple your run by making the wrong decision, save before you make a big choice. This will allow you to reload the game if you think that you have made the wrong choice.


Make use of the loot function Indices

Even though moving on up to the higher levels quickly is one of the best ways to loot higher leveled items and gain more experience, the lower levels still offer unique loot that you will not receive at higher levels. The lower levels will offer items such as Magic Dust, Chitin, books, ingots, and runes, so make sure to keep going through lower levels every now and then to keep gaining unique items.


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