Xbox One: Price Cut in UK, Global Bundle With Free Titanfall

Dernière mise à jour: 24 février 2014


If you’ve been interested in buying an Xbox One but are a little put off by the price tag, Microsoft’s new announcements might be just what you wanted to hear.

First of all, the Xbox One is receiving a direct price cut in the UK. It has been sold at £430 since its launch, but now its price will be reduced to £399.99.

Additionally, players around the world will be able to pick up an Xbox One Titanfall bundle—at no additional cost. For £399.99 in the UK and $499.99 in the US, you can buy an Xbox One bundled with a digital download code for Titanfall, a one-month membership to Xbox Live Gold, and of course, the Kinect, chat headset, and wireless controller. Sadly, that is the regular controller, not the special Titanfall-themed one.

You can preorder the bundle from Amazon and the Microsoft Store, and it will also be available at certain retail locations. This bundle will only be available in limited quantities, although Microsoft did not give a specific number.

If you’re interested, keep in mind that you are getting a digital copy of Titanfall, not a physical copy, but this is still effectively a price drop on the Xbox One. There have been a lot of concerns about the Xbox One’s higher price, especially with how far the PS4 has been outselling it, but according to Xbox UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle, this isn’t a response to low sales.

When asked, he told media sources that top goal is to make sure players get the best value they can, and that, “Titanfall is coming, and it seems like the right moment in time to offer an improved price point with the inclusion of the hottest game.”

Additionally, he feels the upcoming releases of Titanfall, Watch Dogs, and Destiny will boost the sales of the Xbox One, because “the only place you’re going to be able to play all three of those games is on Xbox One.” Since those latter two titles are multiplatform games, we can only assume he believes Titanfall is a strong enough game to weigh the odds in the Xbox One’s favor.

He mentioned that Microsoft has many exciting announcements planned for E3, as well.

No matter how he phrases it, we suspect the price gap between the Xbox One and PS4 factored into the decision at least somewhat. He has a point, though—people are really excited about Titanfall, this bundle could move a lot of Xbox One consoles. Are you planning to pick one up? Check it out and let us know your thoughts.