Watch Dogs Online Features Encourage All or Nothing

Dernière mise à jour: 22 mai 2014

Watch Dogs screenshot 2

Watch Dogs is under a week away from being released, and as you know, there are a lot of different multiplayer options. If you’re the kind of player who likes to play online sometimes and offline other times, however, there’s one thing you should know.

One of the multiplayer modes involves Online Invasions, where other players can enter your game. You can choose to turn Online Invasions on or off, but turning it off has some consequences, as we learned from WCCF Tech. You won’t be able to participate in Online Hacking and Tailing, which makes sense… and any Notoriety you earned will be taken away.

Watch Dogs disable online invasion

Now, some players have overreacted to this news because they think this will affect the single-player game. It won’t. As we previously learned, Notoriety is only used in multiplayer. It won’t take anything away from the main campaign if you disable online invasions.

What it really means is that if you plan to play online multiplayer, it’ll be in your best interest to keep Online Invasions active at all times. From a multiplayer perspective only, Watch Dogs punishes you for disabling that mode. On the other hand, it helps balance the multiplayer so you can’t invade other players, build up your notoriety, and then disable Online Invasions to protect yourself.

Which side do you fall on? Share your thoughts in the comments.