Beware of Titanfall Beta Sign-ups

Titanfall is one of the most anticipated Xbox One games on the horizon, so it’s no wonder players are anxious to sign up for a chance to test the beta. Such a high profile game will also bring the scammers out of the woodwork however, and some unscrupulous people have already launched scams under the […]

Scammers start messaging on PSN

Scammers are beginning to appear on the Playstation Network as evidenced by the message screenshot you can see above. The grammar is extremely poor and the message itself barely makes sense, but essentially if you send the person your PSN email and password then it says you’ll be “rewarded” with $40 and the game of […]

UK teen purchases Xbox One picture for £450 on eBay

This is more a warning than anything else – if you are purchasing any next generation console, either a PS4 or Xbox One, from eBay or any other online platform, then beware of the scammers. Case in point: UK teenager Peter Clatworthy who purchased a very poor quality picture of a Xbox One console for […]