Potential changes with the Xbox One Achievements system

Dernière mise à jour: 3 juin 2013

Microsoft is talking up a whole new ball game in terms of Achievements for the Xbox One, so far telling us that:

  • The new Achievements system has richer detail and spans across your games and experiences (Achievements are no longer confined to single games).
  • You will be able to earn Achievements in more ways, as new Achievements can be added dynamically any time.
  • A new official Achievements portal will track how you earned your Achievements (obviously in addition to what you have earned).


We’re guessing that there will be a whole lot more to the new system as well, some of which might include the following:

Day One Achievements: if you play the game on the day it is released, then you get the Achievement. At the end of that day though, it can no longer be earned.

Veteran Achievements: these could span across game series (like Call of Duty) or across a specific publisher’s titles. So if you beat both Assassin’s Creed 4 and Watch Dogs, you get a non-game-specific Achievement from Ubisoft, or if you beat Black Ops 2 and then beat Call of Duty: Ghosts, you get a general Call of Duty Achievement.

Event Achievements: these can be used to celebrate or publicize different events or days of the year. For example, playing a game at midnight on New Year Eve might get you an Achievement (don’t think you actually want that one though lol), as might playing something on your birthday.

Sponsored Achievements: these might run for a set period of time, say one week, during which if you complete certain acts in a game (that might be aligned to the adverisers brand/marketing strategy) you’ll unlock Achievements that are named after or related to their products or services. Think Red Bull sponsoring a “four hour game session” achievement or similar.

TV Achievements: How about 100 points for every 100 hours of TV watched on X1 (suggested firmly tongue in cheek)?

In any event it’s clear that the world of Achievements on the X1 is set to get a shakeup and there will be more ways than ever to increase your Gamerscore. What ideas do you have?