The Last of Us is Going to be a Movie

Dernière mise à jour: 9 mars 2014

Fans of Naughty Dog’s highly-acclaimed game The Last of Us will either rejoice at this news or hide in fear, depending on your expectations for this project—a movie based on the game.

Naughty Dog, Sony, and Screen Gems—the company behind the production of Resident Evil: Afterlife—just signed an agreement. Neil Druckmann, the creative director for The Last of Us, will be writing the script, and he’ll also oversee the process alongside Naught Dog presidents Evan Wells and Cristophe Balestra, and game director Bruce Straley.

Ghost House Productions will also be involved.

Video game movies are notoriously bad, but at least this one has some of Naughty Dog’s core people involved with it. With Druckmann in charge of the writing, maybe this is one that can escape the stigma of video game movies. We certainly hope so.

While we wait for more information, tell us who you would cast in a film of The Last of Us if it were your choice.