Gran Turismo 6 demo released

Dernière mise à jour: 1 juillet 2013


OK, so this isn’t related to PS4 cheats or even the Playstation 4 for that matter, but it is pretty big Playstation news. Especially for racing fans.

The official Gran Turismo 6 game demo has now been released on the Playstation Store as a free download and should become available in your region momentarily if it has not already (it all depends when the PS Store updates in your region). The demo clocks in at a 1.1GB download.

Coinciding with the release of the demo is the start of the GT Academy 2013 competition. Briefly, GT Academy is a “virtual-to-reality” contest which you will need to qualify for using the Gran Turismo 6 demo. Do well enough and you’ll proceed further in the competition… eventually to an actual race in an actual car at the actual Silverstone race track, with the winner from that being offered the opportunity to race professionally in a Nissan GT-R GT3 NISMO for a full season!


Check out the full details of the GT Academy 2013 here and otherwise head to the Playstation Store to download your demo copy of Gran Turismo 6 now. Let us know what you think!