Mafia: Definitive Edition Cheats on Xbox One (X1)

Last Updated: March 13, 2023
Mafia: Definitive Edition
  • First Released: Sep 24, 2020
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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Some Helpful Cheats


When the game is running, press SHIFT and the tilde key (above the TAB key) to enter the following cheats:

  • badgangsters - invulnerability
  • deadguns - restock guns and ammunition
  • boxer - Enlarged Hands
  • jizda - Folds roof down on compatible cars
  • deadguns - Guns and ammo
  • municak - Infinite Ammo
  • krefjezivot - Refill Health
  • parnik - Spawn boat under nearest bridge (Titanic mode)
  • cumdal - Maximum draw distance
  • cornufse - Unlock all cars
These  done  seem  to  work.  The  instructions  are  clear.  I  don't  know
Dane verdier, 1 year ago - Reply

Free Ride Extreme Missions Unlocking Procedure

Easter Eggs

There are 12 missions available in Free Ride. You must obtain a note from Salieri's Bar to activate them. The building is covered in notes, some of which are only visible at night. Change the time to night using the paintings, then re-search the area.

The bar contains the first note. Go to the edge of Little Italy after collecting it. To start the mission, pick up the ringing phone. The first task is a time trial. 10 more notes will appear in Salieri's Bar once you complete the first mission with the Crazy Horse. Start them all by gathering the notes lying around. Completing those 10 missions will unlock one final "Free Ride Extreme" mission.

How to Unlock All Weapons


In the Free Ride mode, go to Yellow Pete's Gun Shop. By going to Hoboken and searching for "H" in "Hoboken" on the map, you can find it. When you get to the shop, look for an open door on the side of the building. Descend the steps into the cellar to find all the weapons.

Easter Egg Mission Costumes

Easter Eggs

By reading the notes in Salieri's Bar, players of Free Ride can access hidden missions. You can get a note about where you have to go. You start when you arrive at the location marked on the map and hear a payphone ring.

All of these missions are extremely bizarre and offer incredible rewards. You can get a mechanic, boxer, or even a dog-headed costume, with the wackiest ones being about clowns and UFOs. To earn some ridiculous costumes, Tommy Angelo can battle killer clowns and aliens.

Strategies For Cheating Death


Take Additional Weapons & Ammunition From The Armory

You frequently visit Vinnie's workshop following your mission briefing. You can arm yourself with a different pistol, a heavy weapon, ammunition, or anything else by using the armory door in his room. You must obtain all available ammunition before the shooting begins. It also helps to have a shotgun or rifle; the bigger guns make life much easier.

Utilize the limiter to reduce your speed

Traffic laws are crazy! The police will stop you for speeding. Pull over and pay the fine if they flash their lights on 1-Star; don't bother fighting them or engaging in a gunfight. Just activate the speed limiter to stop being picked up so frequently. 

The Police Got You? Find a long road and drive as fast as you can

You might be given more than just a ticket if you unintentionally cause an accident. Flee if you have two or more stars, because they will either arrest you or kill you. The best way to get away is to find the long stretch of road and take it.

Fire Rapidly to Keep Your Enemies Stunned in Gunfights

Standard pistols aren't very accurate, and they only kill if you get a headshot. Make sure to keep shooting to take out enemies from a distance. You can fire at an enemy without worrying about them firing back because any hit will temporarily stun them. Although really only required for pistols, this is absolutely crucial. Continue firing before they can recover. 

Enemies Are Stunned Longer by Heavy Weapons (Shotguns & Rifles)

A single shot from a bolt-action rifle renders an enemy exposed and stunned. Even though a torso shot won't kill them, it will cause them to collapse, giving you time to fire another shot.

Enemies flee if you charge, and they'll miss if you shoot wildly

When there is only one enemy left and you are armed with a shotgun, the AI will make the bad guy flee. When close enough to an enemy, they will leave their cover and flee. The shotgun is a fantastic tool for creating fear. Blind-firing enemies are surprisingly inaccurate. Even if you stand close, they might never hit you.

Examine each section thoroughly

Health stations are absurdly significant and are eveywhere. Similar to the first game, the only way to heal yourself in between fights is at a health station. Always look for health stations in the restrooms, hallways, and side rooms in between gunfights.

You Regain A Small Amount Of Health While Hiding

Mafia: Definitive Edition has a brand-new addition. A tiny fraction of your health, roughly 10%, will always return. So if you have a minor collision or are shot once with a gun, this will be enough to save you. Leave the area. Locate a cover and wait there.

Duck and Shoot: Staying Under Cover Isn't Always Beneficial!

Duck! Crouch and shoot while swerving out of cover with the movement keys. You may be more exposed and vulnerable if you stay hidden. In addition, enemies enjoy throwing Molotov cocktails, so if you ever stand around for too long, they will do so.

Instructions for Obtaining New Costumes

Easter Eggs

Certain Free Ride Extreme missions will unlock new costumes. One of those missions involves chasing a UFO, and another is all about a killer clown like Pennywise. Here are the missions that give you costumes:

  • Dog-Head Costume: Complete the "Curse of the Baskervilles" mission. Salieri finds the note on his desk.
  • Alien Tommy Costume: Complete the "Alien Infiltration" mission. Take the note and head to the phone booth west of the "Workers Quarter" map marker to begin this mission, which is only available at night.
  • Evil Clown Costume: Complete the "Pennies from Hell" mission. Salieri's bar is where the note is located.
  • Boxer Costume: Complete the "Explosive Situation" mission. Another mission for Salieri's Bar
  • Mechanic Costume: Complete the "Moderate Velocity" mission. The phone booth is in the northwest corner of China Town, and the note is in Salieri's Bar.

More costumes can be unlocked. But they are purely decorative and have no practical use. Also, these missions can be very challenging.

You basically need to memorize the UFO's route in order to get there in time. You might run out of gas! Although it’s a lot of work, you can play your game while wearing an enormous green alien head. 

This video covers all of the significant Easter eggs. The following list of 17 Easter Eggs includes everything from the clown Easter Egg to the hidden grave of Frank Colletti.

How to Unlock Secret Super Cars


Use these map locations to unlock all five supercars.

There are five unique postcard cars available. Check out the complete guide below if you're unsure of where to look for them. A list of additional things you can do while in Free Ride is also included.

Vinny’s Lock-Up

Re-visit Vinny's armory there to gather any weapons you require. Salieri's Bar More guns will unlock as you progress through the main campaign.

Locations for Postcard Super Cars 

Visit Bertoni's Autoshop to find more unlockable vehicles. Postcards that are attached to the wall can be seen. These images provide hints as to where the car might be. To permanently unlock a car, go to the location and steal it.

There are five post cards altogether. Look closely and check the back of the cards in your collectibles menu. A text clue is on each card. The supercar will spawn once you remove a card from the wall. Simply focus on the five locations in the screen captures below:

  • Disorder: Countryside, at a building east of Flyer Dam.
  • Lassiter V16 Appoleon: Beech Hill, central mansion.
  • Flame Spear: Central Island, southeast construction site.
  • Trautenberg Sport: Downtown, the waterfront.
  • Manta Prototype: Works Quarter, central rail station.

Disclosed Time-Trials

Finding enigmatic notes in Salieri's Bar is another activity in Free Roam.

The first note instructs the reader to "locate Little Italy's westernmost point and listen for a bell." The bell is a ringing phone. By responding to it, you'll gain access to a unique mission called "The Crazy Horse," and by taking the car to the garage indicated on your map, you'll gain access to a special car for your garage. You cannot damage (or even scratch) the car; it must be in immaculate condition.

The first vehicle is called the "Crazy Horse," and it is incredibly fast for a Mafia vehicle. There are numerous others like it. At Salieri's Bar, a new note will appear after each mission, instructing you to go to a location where a bell is ringing.

This video explains how to unlock every vehicle in Free Ride for the Herbert Baskerville Note. It includes the Brubaker, Smith-Moray, Waybar, Mutagen, Crazy Horse, and Mutagen.

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