Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Cheats on Wii U (WiiU)

Last Updated: September 26, 2023
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • First Released: Oct 28, 2013
  • Genres: Adventure, Platform
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360 Games Store,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,Wii U,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Studios,Ubisoft Kiev,Ubisoft Quebec,Ubisoft Singapore,Ubisoft Sofia,Ubisoft Annecy
  • Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Unlockable Cheats and Codes


When you complete certain Abstergo Challenges, you will be rewarded with the ability to activate cheats from the pause menu. You cannot save your game when you have active cheats. Complete the challenges listed below to unlock the desired cheat.

  • Abstergo Challenge 10 - With this cheat, you can stop the day/night cycle from progressing and lock in the game at dawn, day, sunset, or night.
  • Abstergo Challenge 20 - When you activate this cheat, Kenway will speak in the clichés used by pirates in popular culture.
  • Abstergo Challenge 30 - You can activate this cheat if you want an extra challenge, because it will turn off Kenway and the Jackdaw's health regeneration.
  • Abstergo Challenge 40 - When you activate this cheat, Edward's Wanted Level will be maximized, and Hunters will be after him all the time.
  • Abstergo Challenge 50 - When you activate this cheat, Kenway will become drunk and stay that way.
  • Abstergo Challenge 60 - With this cheat, you can lock in the ocean wave intensity to get either no waves or high waves.
  • Abstergo Challenge 70 - When you activate this cheat, Kenway and the Jackdaw will be immune to damage.
  • Abstergo Challenge 80 - When you activate this cheat, all enemies will become Rabbids.
  • Abstergo Challenge 90 - When you activate this cheat, Edward and the Jackdaw will get unlimited ammunition.
  • Abstergo Challenge 100 - This cheat provides the Jackdaw with a skeleton crew.

10K in 3 Minutes Glitch


For this glitch you will need a decent boat or you will get wrecked.

  1. Go to the legendary boat (top right corner).
  2. Destroy one ship (does not matter if black or white).
  3. Take the loot that it drops (10,000).
  4. Get killed by the other ship.
  5. Repeat.

Have fun!

Infinite Money


Follow the steps below to earn infinite money.

  1. Access Sequence 2: Memory 3.
  2. Eventually, you will find three Templars seated at a table. The game will give you an optional objective called "Pickpocket All Templars."
  3. Complete the objective by pickpocketing all three of them.
  4. Once you have their money, immediately pause the game. Reload from your last checkpoint, which will be before you pickpocketed the Templars. However, you will retain the money you stole.
  5. Pick their pockets again and repeat this method as often as you want. You can get about 35,000 R in 7 minutes.

Giant Squid versus Whale

Easter Eggs

While you're inside the Atocha shipwreck, look outside to see a giant squid fighting a whale.

Metal to Upgrade the Jackdaw


If you need more metal to upgrade the Jackdaw, attack civilian ships to increase your wanted level. This will cause military ships to come after you, which you can destroy and loot for metal.

Unlock Mayan Outfit


After you've solved all 16 Mayan Stela puzzles, go to Tulum. Head to the coordinates 70, 405, and you will find a secret door. The Mayan Outfit is behind the door.

Watch Dogs

Easter Eggs

When you hack the Abstergo computers, you can find a message from the Blume Corporation about CtOS. Blume and CtOS are both from Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, which was still in development at that point.

Earn Lots of Gold


Follow the tips below to earn lots of gold.

  1. Finish the side quests you receive, particularly assassination side quests, to be rewarded with lots of gold.
  2. You can steal gold from citizens you encounter, although it is not as easy a method of earning gold as others listed here.
  3. Manually loot the corpses of all of the enemies you defeat. Each will have a handful of gold. It adds up quickly, due to the number of enemies you kill.
  4. When you encounter animals in the game, kill them and skin them. Their skins can be sold for gold or used when crafting.
  5. While you travel in your ship, if you see materials you can salvage from the ocean, collect them to use or sell.
  6. Since you're pirates, you should attack cargo ships to steal materials some of which you will want to use to upgrade your ship, but others of which you can sell for gold. Rum and sugar can always be sold.
  7. Once you have upgraded your ship enough that you can fight high level ships, do so. They will have either a lot of gold or lots of materials and items on board.
  8. Whenever you encounter survivors, recruit them into your crew right then, so that you don't have to pay to hire new crew members.
  9. Whenever you see a treasure chest, open it. You can find gold, ammo, upgrades, and other items.
  10. Grab all of the treasure maps you can find, because they will direct you to buried treasure chests, most of which are filled with gold.

Templar Hunts Missions Guide


There are four special assassination missions known as "Templar Hunts". First, you must have the Great Inagua hideout. If you have it, follow the instructions below to complete the missions. Each hunt will reward you with a piece of the Templar Armor. Once you have all of them, go to Great Inagua and turn them in to get the armor. It reduces the damage Edward takes by 25%.

Templar Hunt 1: Opia Apito

Opia Apito won't trust you when you first meet her, so you will have to impress her through several missions.

The first mission gives you a time limit in which you must kill and skin more animals than Opia does. Do not hunt in the same area as her. Use your Eagle Vision to help you find animals. If you can kill five, you will have to face a white jaguar. Survive the jaguar's attacks and kill it to successfully finish the mission.

The second mission is an eavesdropping assignment. Go to Grand Cayman and locate the target. Be sure to use hiding places and crowds of people to keep from being noticed, and stay in the eavesdropping zone the entire time. When you are finished, you will need to pickpocket someone. Your successful theft will complete the mission.

You can begin the third mission immediately. Find Opia, who is waiting for you. Go with her and follow her instructions. You will need to chase down a man named Vargas. There is no reason to try very hard, as you cannot catch him. He will board his ship, at which point you will need to get on the Jackdaw and battle his ship. The mission will end with Vargas's death, whether you kill him from your ship or board his.

For the fourth mission, you need to go to Pinos Isle to talk to Opia. Follow her instructions, going from one Stalking Zone to the next until Opia tells you it is time to take down the guards. A battle will ensue, and once all of your enemies are dead, you can hunt down Lucia Marquez, the Templar. Once you kill her, your first Templar Hunt will be complete.

Templar Hunt 2: Rhona Dinsmore

Go to Havana and talk to Rhona Dinsmore to begin this sequence of missions.

In the first mission, enemies are attacking the Assassin's Bureau. There will be four waves. Defeat them all to finish the mission.

To start the second mission, talk to Rhona again. You will have to go to the marketplace and use your Eagle Vision to find a thief. If possible, sneak up to him so you can catch him without him noticing you. If he notices you, you will need to chase him. Tackle the thief to retrieve the stolen items and finish the mission.

The third mission begins at the Assassin's Bureau. There are three powder reserves in Havana that you must detonate. Use your map to help you find them. Once you ignite them, get out of the area as quickly as you can, because they will explode in 8 seconds. Be on your guard, as they are in Restricted Areas. The detonation of all three concludes the mission.

For the fourth mission, you must talk to Rhona again, in the center of Havana. She will lead you to a Restricted Area, but it is possible to head along the edge of the area so that you don't have to enter it until you reach the correct spot. Once you are there, make sure no one has noticed you, and sneak up on Hillary Flint, the Templar. Assassinate her, and then escape by either sneaking through the city or jumping into the water. This will complete your second Templar Hunt.

Templar Hunt 3: Anto

Go to Kingston and talk to Anto to begin the next Templar Hunt.

In the first mission, you will have to eavesdrop again. Use either hired dancers or the dancers along the path to keep hidden. Enter the eavesdropping zone with the group and stay there for the conversation. Once they are done talking, head to the next marker. Use another group of dancers to help you with this eavesdropping section, as well. Afterwards, you will need to use free-running and sprinting to chase down and tackle your target. This will conclude the mission.

Once you talk to Anto again, you can begin the second mission. Head into Restricted Areas to free three slaves. If you give Reales to the drunken men in each area, they will begin to fight the guards. Use the distraction to free the slaves. The mission will be finished when you have rescued all three.

Go to Kingston's Assassin's Bureau and talk to Anto again to start the third mission. Fight waves of enemies and make sure you and your allies, including Anto, survive. Once all of the enemies are defeated, the mission will end.

For the fourth mission, go to the center of Kingston and talk to Anto. You will need to use your Eagle Vision to locate targets and tag them for Anto to take out. When you reach the Restricted Area, either enter it or stick around the outside edge. Use your Eagle Vision again to locate Abraham, the Templar. Once you've found him, assassinate him. You can use a nearby Stalking Zone. Leave the Restricted Area to complete your third Templar Hunt.

Templar Hunt 4: Vance Travers

Go to Nassau and talk to Vance Travers to begin the final Templar Hunt.

Once again, you will have to engage in eavesdropping for the first mission. Use your Eagle Vision to find your target. Dancers can help you get close to listen to the conversation. Once it is over, make your way to the roof of a building and use Eagle Vision to find Upton. Use any method to kill him to finish the mission.

For the second mission, go the west area of Nassau and talk to Upton. After a while, he will ask for your protection against thieves. Follow him and Vance in the Stalking Zone and take out all of the thieves. Once Upton and Vance part ways, follow Vance. When he stops to talk to the Templar Jing Lang, hide and eavesdrop on their conversation. Follow and assassinate the killer sent after Upton, and you will finish the mission.

In the third mission, talk to Upton in the tavern. A fight will break out, and you must defeat all of the enemies. Afterwards, escort Upton and defend him from the three guards who will attack to finish the mission.

Go to the eastern area of Nassau and talk to Upton to begin the fourth mission. Make your way to the Restricted Area marked on your map and use your Eagle Vision to find Vance. Assassinate him to start a chase sequence with Jin Lang, the Templar. All you have to do is kill her. You can shoot her from a distance or catch up with her to kill her at close range. Her death will conclude your fourth and final Templar Hunt.

Mayan Stela Puzzles - Mayan Outfit


The 16 Mayan Stela puzzles are found at the locations listed below. Upgrade your ship before you pursue the ones in dangerous areas. Both your map and your progress tracker will help you figure out which puzzles you have yet to find. Once you solve all 16 you can find the Mayan Outfit at the coordinates 70, 405.

  1. Great Inagua - This one cannot be missed. You find it in DNA Sequence 4: Memory 1, and it will unlock the rest of the puzzles.
  2. Location: Cat Island; Coordinates: 734, 694
  3. Location: Matanzas; Coordinates: 343, 642
  4. Location: Cape Bonavista; Coordinates: 179, 593
  5. Location: Tulum; Coordinates: 70, 405
  6. Location: Pinos Isle; Coordinates: 334, 476
  7. Location: Pinos Isle; Coordinates: 342, 478
  8. Location: Tortuga; Coordinates: 876, 377
  9. Location: Long Bay; Coordinates: 525, 253
  10. Location: Isla Providencia; Coordinates: 502, 44
  11. Location: Isla Providencia; Coordinates: 502, 44
  12. Location: New Bone; Coordinates: 431, 116
  13. Location: Misteriosa; Coordinates: 303, 199
  14. Location: Misteriosa; Coordinates: 296, 196
  15. Location: Santanillas; Coordinates: 217, 245
  16. Location: Santanillas; Coordinates: 221, 242

Unlockable Costumes


  • Altair Robes - This costume is unlocked if you have saved data from Assassins Creed on your system.
  • Ezio Robes - This costume is unlocked if you have saved data from Assassins Creed 2 on your system.
  • Connor Robes - This costume is unlocked if you have saved data from Assassins Creed 3 on your system.
  • Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Outfit - This costume is unlocked if you have Uplay data from any previous Assassin's Creed game on your system.
  • Connor Kenway Outfit - This costume is unlocked if you have Uplay data from three previous Assassin's Creed games on your system.
  • Edward The Legend Outfit -You can buy this costume for 20 Uplay Points.
  • The Blades of Toledo Pack - You can buy this pack for 30 Uplay Points to get the Blades of Toledo as well as exclusive multiplayer items.
  • The Vengeful Daughter Pack - You can buy this pack for 40 Uplay Points to get the Lady Black's Vengeful Daughter costume for multiplayer, as well as items for the Jackdaw.
  • Feline Outfit - You can craft this costume from a jaguar pelt and an ocelot pelt.
  • Hunter Outfit - You can get this costume by crafting the red howler monkey skin (5,000 R at any general store) and the white jaguar pelt (6,000 R at any general store). Animals will become less aggressive.
  • Shark Hunter Outfit - You can craft this costume from a bull shark skin and a hammerhead shark bone.
  • Whaler Outfit - You can craft this costume from 3 white whale skins.
  • Stealth Outfit - You receive this costume when you finish half of the Assassin Contracts. It will increase your stealth.
  • Templar Outfit - You must finish all 16 Templar Hunt missions. You will get 5 keys. Then, go to the Great Iguana Cove and open the locked gate to receive this costume. It will reduce the amount of damage you take by 25%.
  • Officer's Outfit - If you finish the trading mission to Gibraltar called "Great Reputation 1," you will unlock this costume.
  • Brown Cloak - You can buy this costume at any general store for 1,500 R.
  • Crimson Cloak Outfit - You can buy this costume at any general store for 3,000 R.
  • Merchant Outfit - You can buy this costume at any general store for 10,000 R.
  • Pirate Captain Outfit - You can buy this costume at any general store for 8,000 R.
  • Pirate Cloak - You can buy this costume at any general store for 6,000 R.
  • Politician's Outfit - You can buy this costume at any general store for 12,000 R.
  • Privateer Outfit - You can buy this costume at any general store for 5,000 R.
  • Explorer Outfit - If you play the game online, community challenges will randomly appear. Finish Community Challenge #6 to unlock this costume.
  • Governor's Outfit - If you play the game online, social chests will randomly appear. Find and share one to unlock this costume.

Reveal Location of All Collectable Items


If you synchronize all of the viewpoints in the game, the locations of all collectible items will be revealed. You must conquer all of the Naval Forts to get the collectibles in the West Indies Sea.

Animal Habitats, Items and Buy and Sell Price


Check the table below for a list of every animal you can hunt in AC4 along with the animal's habitat, what items it will give up, and what the buy and sell price of the item is.

Animal Habitat Item Sell Price Buy Price
Rabbit Nassau, Kingston, Corozal Rabbit Pelt 70 700
Capuchin Monkey Misteriosa Island, Tulum, New Bone Capuchin Monkey Pelt 75 750
Green Iguana Abaco Island, Andreas Island Iguana Leather 90 900
Hutia Cayman Sound, Long Bay, Jiguey Hutia Hide 85 850
Deer Kingston, Santanillas, Salt Lagoon, Principe Deer Hide 150 1500
Ocelot Andreas Island, Cumberland Bay Ocelot Pelt 125 1250
Wild Pig Nassau, Mariguana Island, Cape Bonavista, Great Inagua Wild Pig Hide 150 1500
Howler Monkey Kingston, Cape Bonavista, Principe, Long Bay, Cat Island, Tortuga Howler Monkey Skin 100 1000
Jaguar Cape Bonavista, Principe, Tulum Jaguar Pelt 200 2000
Black Jaguar Pinos Isle, Isla Providencia Black Jaguar Pelt 300 3000
Crocodile Nassau, Long Bay, Isla Providencia, Tulum, Matanzas Crocodile Leather 200 2000
White Jaguar Great Inagua, Cayman Sound (Opia Apito Templar Hunt) White Jaguar Pelt 600 6000
Red Howler Monkey Isla Providencia Red Howler Monkey Skin 500 5000
Hammerhead Shark Ocean Hammerhead Shark Bone 400 2000
Great White Shark Ocean Great White Shark Bone 550 2750
Bull Shark Ocean Bull Shark Skin 580 2900
Killer Whale Ocean Killer Whale Skin 630 3150
Humpback Whale Ocean Humpback Whale Skin 700 3500
White Whale Ocean White Whale Skin 4000 20000

Fast Material


Raid lots of Bright to get lots of metal which is used to upgrade your ship.

Also when you are upgraded enough, look for many Wars because they carry a lot of money and cargo.

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