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Last Updated: January 11, 2023

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  • First Released: Jan 10, 2021

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Basic for playing the game Hints

You will start your training by joining the Wrestling School. 

First, you need to become familiar with the controls. You will find a joystick on the bottom left side that will allow you to move up, down, left, and right. You will see five buttons with letters and an eye button on the bottom right. The A stands for Attack, G for Grapple or Grab, R for Run, P for Pick Up, and T for Taunt.

The eye is the focus button, and it allows you to focus on different characters and change the view in which you are seeing the character when combined with other controls.

G (Grapple or Grab) is your most important control in the game. You will be pushing this button the most during a match. By combining the controls A (attack), G (grapple), or P (pick up) with any of the directions (up, down, left, or right), you will be able to execute 12 different moves. 

Building up your adrenaline will allow you to execute the finisher. You can build up your adrenaline by executing attacks. Once you see the word appear above your character, hold G and A to finish him/her. The finisher move cannot be countered, however, the adrenaline only lasts for a few seconds.

How do you pin an opponent? In order to pin an opponent, your opponent needs to be on the mat. Once you have your opponent on the mat, tap T (taunt). The referee will automatically make the three-count. If you pin your opponent too close to the ropes, the referee will call for a Rope Break.

Your P (pick-up) control is used to pick up weapons during a match. Only certain matches allow weapons. To pick up a weapon, you will need to stand next to it and tap P. Use the weapon on your opponent while holding it by tapping A. Beware that using a weapon could lead to you being disqualified from a match. 

You can revisit the training stage of the game at any time and exit it by tapping the Exit button at the bottom of the screen.


Sara Friend has a few useful tips on playing the game.


How to choose your wrestler in Wrestling School Hints

In order to start a career in Wrestling Empire, you will need to go to wrestling school first.

Your choice of wrestlers will include male and female wrestlers who are based on real-life wrestlers, however, in wrestling school, most of the characters are original MDickie characters. It is important that you review the wrestler’s attributes before choosing one. The wrestler will have a rating based on six different attributes: popularity, strength, skill, agility, stamina, and attitude.

Popularity shows how popular the character is in the game universe. Strength indicates how strong they are and how much damage they may inflict on their opponent. Skill is based on how the character can counter the moves of his or her opponent. Agility measures how fast or slow they are in the ring. Stamina shows how much energy and endurance they have, and attitude has a role to play in various scenarios in your wrestling career. 

If you are new to the game and do not have much experience in wrestling games, it is advised that you choose a wrestler with high skill and strength.


Warfare shares some tips and tricks in this video.


Wrestling Empire Guide Guides

Below is a helpful guide to figure out the wrestling keys. 

  • Press W and M while the mouse is over the game's logo on the roster selection screen to automatically unlock all rosters for editing!
  • Press CTRL and R at the roster selection screen to restore all roster locks.
  • Use Q and W over an unlocked promotion to instantly change your bank balance.
  • Use A and S over an unlocked promotion to instantly adjust its popularity.
  • Use Z and X over an unlocked promotion to instantly adjust its reputation.
  • Hold down B and press - or + to automatically change your bank balance on the calendar screen.
  • Hold down N while submitting a proposal to guarantee that it is accepted.
  • Press ALT and L during a match to automatically make wrestlers lose limbs!
  • Press ALT and P at the promo selection screen to automatically unlock all promos.
  • Press E and X during a match to automatically create a random explosion in the arena!
  • Press ALT and DELETE once a match has ended to restart it.
  • Press ALT and END during a match to halve the health of all participants.



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