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Last Updated: October 26, 2022

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  • Ratings: PEGI 7,
  • First Released: Nov 17, 2021

Cheats Using Emulator Cheats

Pokemon Shining Pearl, unfortunately, doesn't support cheats on its program, and it is difficult to use cheats from a cheat engine at times. You might have more success using an emulator such as the YUZU emulator or the PKx cheat engine.

To access the cheats, you need to make sure you have Yuzu or PKx open. Make sure you know where your game saved location is. Open it in the cheat engine, and you can edit your cheat there. Here’s a list of cheats you can use.

  • Poke Ball ( Type & Amount )
  • Members' cards ( Club )
  • Money ( found in trainer info )

Once you have edited your stats in the PKx or Yuzu, you can go into the game through your saved file, and the cheats would have been applied. To edit these, you would have to repeat the process. 

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use PKx and Yuzu.


Masuda Easter Egg Easter Eggs

If you become the champion in Shining Pearl, you can head to the director's home at the hotel Grand Lake. There you will find three different people. A sound designer, game designer, and game director. 

The game director looks just like the reel life person of Masuda, the game director of BDSP, and one of the head people at the Pokemon company. If you finish the national Pokedex he will give you a nice shiny charm.


Shiny Snow Easter Eggs

If you head over to Snowpoint during Masudas birthday on January 12th, you will find that the snow is shiny and glowing. This is a great little easter egg, as it was there in the original game.



Secret Event Easter Eggs

To get to the spirit tomb, there are odd keystones you need to collect. One of those keystones that reference the old game. You head back to Twinleaf town and surf on the little patch of water at the bottom. On the left side, you will find the odd keystone. 

Then take the keystone to route 209 and put it in a big chunky rock, and you should be in. 


This video is a guide to these easter eggs and more.


Unlocking Ramana's Park Unlockables

Ramanes Park is a great part of the game once you have completed the story. To get into the park, there are some criteria you need to meet first. You need to be the Sinnoh League Champion. You also need to have seen 151 Pokemon from the Sinnoh Pokedex. 

To see all 151 pokemon, just aim at completing the Sinnoh Dex. To do this, you will need to see at least two legendary pokemon.


Unlocking the Battle Tower Unlockables

Like Ramana’s Park, you need to make a name for yourself before the battle tower will be open to you. To do this, you need to become the Sinnoh Champion. You will also need to have the National Dex to get in. 

Once you have these, fly to Snowpoint city; find a sailor who can take you to new areas and a tower ( he is describing the battle tower ). He will take you to the island with the tower on it. All you need to do is walk up to the tower and enter it.


Hatch Eggs Faster Hints

In Pokemon Shining pearl, there are methods to help you hatch eggs faster. The first method you can use is to have Pokemon with you that have Magma Armor or Flame Body abilities. This should help your eggs hatch 50% faster.

You can also improve hatch time if you try hatching eggs on certain days of the year. Eggs hatch 10% faster on days such as the 12th of January or the 14th of February. You can change the date by disconnecting your device from the internet and changing your calendar date. 


Shine Increase Hints

You can increase your pokemon's shine by breeding them with pokemon from other areas in the world. If you bread a Pikachu from the U.S with a Ditto from Japan, its offspring will have more shine.


Manaphy Egg Hints

You can also get the Manaphy A just after you beat your first gym leader. To do this, head over to the TV station and go to the third floor. Talk to the TV producer. He will ask you a question that you need to answer correctly.

The answer will be in full caps. He will then give you a mystery gift. Open the gift and select receive through the internet. When you open it, there will be two gifts. The one gift will be A Manaohy egg.

Here is a guide to getting the Manaphy egg early in the game.


How to get the national Pokedex Guides

To fully complete the Dex, you need to have the national Pokedex finished as well. This is not possible until you have found the 151 pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex. This also leaves around 343 pokemon to be found still.

When searching for pokemon, they don’t all have to be caught. You merely need to see them in a battle or in the wild to add them to your dex.

Once you have found all the pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex, the National Dex should unlock. You need to talk to Professor Rowan in his lab at the Sandgem Tower for him to upgrade your dex to the national dex. 


Battle Tower guide Guides

The Battle Tower is an epic place to test out and practice Pokemon Battles. All Pokemon levels are made equal, and the battles come in two kinds. You have a single battle, three pokemon vs. another three, or double battles are four vs. four.

Legendary pokemon are forbidden from joining these battles as they are too strong. In the tower, you will face multiple NPCs. To challenge someone, you need to speak to the woman at the center counter of the hall.

You then choose between a single or double battle, and you move on to the battle. You will have seven opponents line up to face you and you need to beat them all. As you win, you build a winning streak. Once you reach 49 wins, you get placed in the master class.

Here's a guide to the battle tower.


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