Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: September 12, 2023
Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: May 18, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Themes: Thriller, Mystery
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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How to Improve Your Gameplay



Depending on your system, tap 'B' or 'O' to switch between walking and running. This can save you a lot of time, so we recommend running when covering longer distances, like a hallway, and walking when entering a small room. This approach will help you slow down and make finding things you need to interact with easier.

Reading the Lore

Take the time to read the lore and character bios. The game's writers have done an excellent job crafting characters with intriguing backstories. Understanding the personalities of the other vampires will assist you in handling conversations. Familiarizing yourself with the lore will enable you to follow the dialogue. When talking to other vampires who use terms like "blood bond" and "sire," you'll comprehend what they're saying. We recommend pausing the game when encountering new characters or terms and reading about them to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Taking Levels Slowly

Approach levels slowly and methodically. You might easily miss crucial story elements if you rush through. The game informs you of what you did right and what you missed at the end of each level. You can then replay it, which is advisable if you want to catch everything. Remember that some choices are mutually exclusive, so don't be too discouraged if you miss something. The levels are designed to be replayed multiple times.

Skill Points

Don’t use your skill and hunger points right away. It's better to wait until you finish exploring an area. After speaking to everyone, you often uncover codes through exploration, saving your points for when you genuinely need them. For example, if you need more skill points to open a laptop initially, you may find the code while exploring the area, making spending points unnecessary.


Interact with other characters through dialogue. You can upgrade rhetoric, persuasion, or intimidation skills to gain the upper hand. If a conversation or confrontation isn't going your way, consider quitting the main menu and continuing. This will usually return you to the beginning of the conversation, allowing you to choose different options. This tactic can be beneficial in critical confrontations where the outcome affects objectives and the game's progression.


Upgrade attributes. You can raise physical, mental, and social attributes along with disciplines and skills. Be sure to check the cost of leveling up, as sometimes you unlock bonuses that reduce the experience cost for specific skills and attributes. Upgrading attributes can have a significant impact on your character's capabilities.

Controlled Hunts

Use controlled hunts to lower hunger and gain bonuses at the end of each level based on the blood type of the humans you feed on. These bonuses can include discipline upgrades making controlled hunts an effective way to enhance your character's abilities while minimizing the need to kill humans.

Keep Good Notes

Unless you have a memory palace to rival Sherlock Holmes's, you should have a notebook at hand. After all, Swansong is essentially just a vampire detective simulator. There are dozens of pins, codes, and other ancillary information to be found, whether in an investigative note or lying innocently in the environment. These generally don't get recorded, making your journal practically useless. If you don't fancy yourself an amateur detective or don't have a pen and paper on hand, snapping a few photos with your phone will do the trick.

Level Up Your Disciplines

When you start a new scene, you'll be prompted to use your experience points to level up the characters. While good stats are important for navigating dialogue scenes or sifting through certain areas, don't forget about disciplines. Each character has some abilities in their discipline that are crucial to the game, like Galeb's dominance or MM's ospecs. Upgrading these disciplines can enhance your character's abilities and provide advantages in various situations. While not mandatory, upgrading disciplines can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Use Your Resources

It's tempting to keep your cards close to your chest and reserve your willpower and hunger in case you need them later. However, feel free to expend these resources, especially early on in the game when you won't have the stats to muscle your way through situations anyway. Willpower is particularly useful for unlocking doors and safes or increasing specific stats during combos. On the flip side, be mindful of your hunger level before entering a point of no return; try to feed first. Certain point-of-no-return cutscenes can bite you in the butt (pun intended) if you walk into them with a full hunger bar.

Search For Consumables

In your investigation of certain scenes, you should stumble across consumables. These aren't your common collectibles; your characters can use these items to replenish willpower, restore hunger, or even boost their stats temporarily. There are also thin blood artifacts, which are much harder to find. These are enchanted items that you can equip for stat bonuses. Be generous in using your consumables; there are some scenes in the game that strip you of all your items anyway, and all that resource hoarding just goes to waste.

Replay The Game

Swansong is the sort of game that lends itself well to being replayed. If you start your first playthrough blind, there are plenty of small choices you may have made along the way that altered your whole experience. At the end of every scene, however, the game shows you what alternate routes you could have taken. Replaying the game a second time allows you to fast forward through all the dialogue, but this time with the knowledge of what you could do differently.

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