Tour de France 2022 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: September 5, 2023
Tour de France 2022
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Jun 8, 2022
  • Genres: Racing, Simulator, Sport, Strategy
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Cheats Available Through a Trainer


There aren’t any cheats available in-game, so you’ll have to use a trainer to gain access to them. Here are some cheats you can use when using a trainer:

  • Edit: Pro Team Funds - Adjust how much money you have available to spend on your team and purchase the best equipment for them.
  • Unlimited Energy Meter - With this cheat, you’ll never have to worry about using too much energy to overtake opponents or race down hills.
  • Unlimited Attack Meter - Thanks to this cheat, you can sprint as much as you want.
  • Game Speed - Adjust your game speed so you can quickly make your way through the boring sections of the map.
King Eli demonstrates the cheats available when using a trainer

Beginners Guide


Play Through the Training Mode

Before doing any races, take yourself through the comprehensive mode provided by the game. It will teach you basic controls, like how to move your cyclists, changing the camera angles, and different pedaling techniques, specifically concerning how much effort you should put into pedaling during certain sections of the race. Training Mode will also teach you how the energy system works. 

The more you progress through the Training Mode, the more guides you will unlock. In a few hours, you can finish the Training and learn all the skills you need to know to come out victorious.

Start Slow

The sheer number of riders at the beginning of a race can be intimidating, and you may want to rush past everyone as quickly as possible. Don’t. Instead, slowly pedal through the racers during the first few minutes of the game and stick with your team members. It can take up to 5 minutes to get past everyone, but following your team will keep you safe and prevent you from taking any unnecessary falls.

Switch Between Attacking and Braking

Using the attack button, you can easily sprint along flat surfaces and uphill regions, pedaling past your opponents. Be careful about when you attack during races. There is only so much energy available for sprinting. Don’t sprint downhill unless you want to fall catastrophically.

Remember that braking is just as valuable as attacking. It helps you maintain momentum during long races and will keep you on your bike through steep curves along the track. The arrows in front of you will turn red to indicate the best time to brake.

Tweak the Game Settings to Your Liking

By going into the game’s settings, players can change them to their liking. You can change the game difficulty to amateur, professional, champion, or legend, depending on the player’s experience. The number of race incidents can be adjusted to frequent, normal, or rare. The player can even determine if any falls they sustain during the race will cause the cyclist injuries or even withdraw them from the race.

Play Through Pro Leader Mode Early

Pro Leader mode features a skill-based progression system used to motivate people to play the game daily. It allows you to create your own cyclists and complete missions to earn rewards. Some early missions include attacking for 10km in a race, cycling 25km in solo breakaways, being the first to pedal over the top of a mountain pass, and finishing a flat stage.

Take Note of Rider Ratings

Before you start a race, you should pay close attention to the rider rating to boost your chance of winning. It might be challenging to pick from the wide selection of racers initially, but the rider rating provides crucial information, such as their nation, core abilities, and skills.

Devenynt has a balanced skill set for most tracks in the game, though he is outstanding when racing through hills, mountains, and flat surfaces. Cavagny excels at time-trials races and has a quick recovery rate.

Make sure you pick the racer that best suits your play style.

Use Gels to Regain Stamina

There are over 90 international tracks, some of which are over 150km long (Roskilde, Nyborg, Binche, and Longwy). They are grueling to take on with basic skills alone and require you to master the energy system before you can beat them. If you overuse your energy pedaling at max speeds after slowing down on a sharp turn, you can sip from your Red and Blue gel to regain the lost energy.

Watch Your Previous Races to Improve Your Gameplay

It can be difficult to gauge your performance while racing. You must develop a strategy to succeed and improve your lap time in every race, so it’s great that the game has a replay mode you can use after completing a race. Watch through the replay to find moments where you used too much energy or weren’t putting enough effort into cycling and pinpoint precisely what cost you a win.

You can rewind, fast-forward, and zoom in on your surroundings at the touch of a button. You can even use it to predict weather patterns in the game.

Communicate with Your Team to Smoothen the Ride

Managing your team can be critical in securing your win. Players can use the Team Comm controls to handle their team while navigating the race track and give instructions to protect certain cyclists during specific areas of the game.

Use the Aerodynamic Position During Downhills

There are tons of cool features that will help you reach high speeds while on the race track. When approaching a downhill or slope, take your feet off the pedal and assume the aerodynamic position. It’s especially helpful when you’re zipping through opponents, and there is less friction from the surrounding air. You can also use these moments to recover energy without losing any speed in the process.

You can reach speeds of 80km per hour while in the aerodynamic position.

How to Use Team Comm


Team Comm allows you to view the status of your riders, interact with them, and give them instructions. You can either select an entire group or each member of a group to give instructions. 

Members of your teams have autonomy after you’ve given them an order. After an instruction to attack, they’ll stop once they think they’re far enough ahead. If you give instructions during another member's relay, they will automatically fall back to let you pass. 

If you prefer total control over your team members, you can deactivate their autonomy and adjust the Instruction Length through the Options Menu.


You can use this option to speed up the race and get to the important parts more quickly. Once activated, the game will take control of your rider. You can also choose where you want to go on the map with Auto Fast-Forward.

Group Instructions

When you give instructions to an entire group, the riders will organize themselves to follow the selected instructions and adapt their efforts based on the stage of the race they’re in.

Individual Instructions

Giving a teammate an instruction will change their behavior. However, if they’re poorly placed or don’t have energy, it will take longer to perform the instructed action, or they might not do it at all. Below are instructions you can give to your team members

  • Attack - Rider rises to the top of the group and starts an attack for a breakaway.
  • Follow Attacks - Rider rises to the top of the group and attacks if an opponent attacks.
  • Tempo - Rider rises to the top of the group and takes relay at the instructed intensity.
  • Protect - Rider moves near a selected teammate to shelter them from the wind and allow them to tire less.
  • Wait - Rider will drop out of their group and wait for the selected teammate.
  • Stay in Your Group - Rider will stay in their group without exceeding the required level of effort; however, if their level of effort isn’t high enough to keep the group's pace, they will be left behind. 
    This feature means a rider can finish a stage of the race at a slower pace to preserve their strength for the next stage. Don’t give the instruction too early in a stage.
  • Feeds - Rider will use the selected feed type.
Adjust Team Roles

The riders' roles are assigned at the start of a race but can be altered through the Rider selection menu at any moment to impact the behavior of your riders when under group instruction. Here are the roles that your riders can take on:

  • Leader for the general classification - Rider concentrates on the general classification and is protected by his teammates.
  • Leader for the points classification - Rider tries to score points at intermediate sprints and the finish line.
  • Leader for the mountains classification - Rider tires to score points on King of the Mountains summits.
  • Stage Leader - Rider tries to achieve the best possible results for a stage and is protected by his teammates.
  • Baroudeur - Rider tries to participate in any breakaways during a race.
  • Teammate - Rider will stay with his teammates during the race and protect their leaders as you instruct them to do

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