MLB The Show 19 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: July 1, 2021
MLB The Show 19
  • First Released: Mar 25, 2019
  • Genres: Sport
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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Audio Unlockables


There are numerous Audio Unlockables that give you new audio clips the announcers can use. Once you have them unlocked, you can set how often they are used. For example, if you set an unlocked audio clip to “override,” then it will always be used in the applicable situation, over other audio options. You can unlock them either by getting them in packs or by buying them with stubs.

Earn Stubs Fast


Stubs are an in-game currency used in the Diamond Dynasty mode, and you’ll want to get as many as possible to buy things in the game. Stubs can be purchased with real money, but you don’t necessarily want to do that, at least not for all the stubs you need. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to earn stubs fast through in-game methods.

If you’re just starting out, challenges reward you with stubs and XP, along with other rewards. Make sure to check out the new Moments challenges, which will also give you cards.

Cards are also important because you can use them to get more stubs. Completing collections by collecting and turning in cards in groups of 10 and 20, you can be rewarded with stubs. This means you can be rewarded with a fair amount of stubs (and XP) even when you only have common cards.

Using the community market is also a good way to make stubs as long as you’re careful with your purchases. You can buy and sell in-game items for stubs, based on what other players are willing to spend.

Note: due to how much some cards go for, you might think buying packs is the answer to earning lots of stubs through the market, but buying packs is risky. While you have a chance of getting great items from a pack, you might also get low-rank cards. You risk losing a lot of stubs if you buy packs, because it’s effectively gambling. Save your stubs, because you’ll be able to buy the cards you actually want when you’re ready.

Instead, pay careful attention to the community market. Use Buy Orders to get cards cheap and then flip them by using the Sell Order option as a profit. As long as you pay close attention to prices to know which deals are good and which will go for a profit, you’ll be able to earn stubs through this method. You can also pay attention to actual MLB trends, because player ranks change based on how the players are doing in real life. If you think a card’s value is going to rise later on because a player is better than expected, buy the card while it’s cheap and then sell it once the rank goes up.

Of course, selling any duplicate cards you have is another good way to get stubs.

Getting rewards by playing online can also help you, because if you don’t want the cards you get as your reward, you can sell them instead. Of course, this requires you to be good enough to play online and do well against other players—but if you have the skills, earning and selling these cards is an excellent way to make stubs.

Team Affinity keys also reward you with a great deal of stubs, making it worthwhile in the end especially if you want to play offline.

For more tips on how to quickly earn stubs, check out the video below.

Best Stats


While you have a greater degree of control while playing as the players, sometimes you’ll want the game to control them. In these situations, their stats determine how good they will be. Hits and Walks are important stats to focus on for pitchers, while Contact and Vision are the most important for hitters.

Different stats can help you out in different situations, but pay attention to how players perform to get a stronger grasp on which stats to prioritize.

Batting Tips


There are three main batting styles.

Directional – When the ball crosses the plate, press a button to swing. Press X for a Normal swing, square for a Power swing, and circle for a Contact swing. Normal is a balanced hit in between the other two.

Zone – Line up the contact zone with the ball, then press the button to swing. This is more difficult, but also gives you a greater degree of accuracy if you’re precise with your aiming, because you’ll be controlling where you hit.

Pure Analog – Flick the left analog stick as though it is the bat, timing it to hit the ball. Moving it forward will give you a Normal swing, bringing it back first will give you a Power swing, and flicking it left or right will result in a Contact swing.

Experiment with the different batting styles to see which you prefer. You might also want to start with one and then try out the others once you’re used to it. Due to the greater degree of accuracy and control, people playing online will most likely use the Zone style.

No matter which style you use, timing is important. Pay attention to the pitchers, as they have different timing depending on who you’re up against. As you pay attention, you’ll start to be able to pick up on the signs that tell you what kind of pitch is coming. There are also multiple camera views, which you can experiment with to help you read the pitcher’s motions and get your timing right.

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