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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Pit cheat


On most offline races and events not you can use a pit cheat but there are some tricks to doing so.

1. You can't cross the start/finish line.

2. You have to reverse into the pits (backwards) or this cheat will not work. 

Start a race. Stop before starting line. Turn around and head for the pits. 

Enter backwards and reversing.

After, entering it will place you before the starting line.

No penalty time cheat


Gran Turismo adds a time penalty to your lap time if you touch the walls of the track.

The objective is to have the fastest lap time and you will win the race.

The last two corners of a track have a glitch. You can race against the wall of a track on the last two corners of the track and the game will not penalize your time.

This will ensure that you have a faster time and beat your opponents.

DeadEyeDelboy shows you how to drive faster in Gran Turismo 7 without receiving any time penalties.

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