Farm Together: Deluxe Edition Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: March 8, 2023

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How to enable cheats for Farm Together on your PC.


To enable cheats for Farm Together, a player must go to the Properties option by right-clicking on their mouse.

After the player has clicked on the properties option, they must then go to the General Tab and select the Launch options.

The next step for the player is to click on the launch options and enter “-cheats2”.

Once they have entered the code, they must click on "OK" and shut the properties option.

The player must then Relaunch Farm Together and the cheats will be enabled.



In order for a player to activate this cheat code, they must type “timeskip” on their keyboard while playing the game.

Once this code has been typed in, this cheat will fast forward the time in the game by 5 minutes.

The cheat may be entered multiple times and will only affect the player that has entered the code.

Plitch talks about multiple cheats in the game
I  do  that  but  nothing  happens
Name, 1 month ago - Reply

Ravpic Cheat


This cheat is a screenshot tool. A player must type in the code “ravpic” on their keyboard while in-game.

The cheat code will allow a player will keep full control over their character.

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