Evil West Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: September 5, 2023
Evil West
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Nov 21, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Fantasy, Horror
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Beginners Guide


Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Paths

The game offers a fairly linear experience, but there is still plenty to discover by wandering off the beaten path. Search for paths that might lead to collectibles and Bucks (the game’s primary currency for upgrades). They’ll often be hidden in alcoves, boxes, or behind breakable walls, so explore every hidden corner you can find. Also, be sure to look up; you might find a body to shoot down for Bucks.

Replay Missions

Don’t panic if you miss anything; you can always replay missions to find everything you need. Open the Menu, scroll to the Lore tab, and see all the missions you’ve completed and what you collected. Any missions you replay won’t impact your story progress, so feel free to round up any Bucks you missed in the name of upgrades.

Use the Zapper Pull and Zapper Dash

The game will throw hordes of enemies at you without warning, so you’ll need to keep moving and find a way to cut down the pack. You can do this a lot easier with the Zapper Pull and Zapper Dash, electrical upgrades that enable you to pull an enemy towards you or yourself towards an enemy. There isn’t a cooldown for either ability, so you can use them as you please.

The best way to use the Zapper Pull and the Zapper Dash is to find the weakest enemies in a pack and put them out to electrocute them before beating them with your melee attacks if you find a group of weaker enemies, Dash towards them and use various weapons to take them out quickly.  

Use the Rentier Boomstick Whenever You Can

The Rentier Boomstick will become one of your most valuable assets as you play through the game. It delivers a massive amount of energy at close range and helps you take down smaller enemies quickly while knocking back larger ones.

The Boomstick does have a cooldown, so make sure you use it sparingly. However, when you find an opportunity to unleash its power, use it well, as it can make your life significantly easier. Power it up with Bucks in the upgrades menu to shorten the cooldown and improve it in various ways.

Reset Your Perks at Virgil’s Workshop

The game’s perk tree can be filled out using points you earn by leveling up and fleshed out with any Bucks you find while exploring. Skill points and Bucks are crucial as they will improve the arrangements you have set up or can provide passive bonuses during combat and give you an advantage over your enemies.

However, if you want to try a different build, it’s very easy to visit Virgil’s workshop and reset all your skill points at no cost.

Get Your Hands on the Free Bullet Upgrade as Quickly as Possible

One of the best upgrades you can purchase early in the game is Free Bullet, as you’ll gain a free bullet every time you hit an enemy’s weak point (glowing circles that appear when they charge their attacks).

Not only is this upgrade handy at lower levels, but it's a major saving grace when you’re facing off against stronger enemies whose weak points you need to hit at least four times before you interrupt them. You can shoot these weak points as often as you like without the fear of running out of bullets.

Adjust the Difficulty to Your Liking

The game has multiple difficulty levels, meaning you can choose whether you want to have a laidback experience, a solid challenge, or if you want to have the most stressful experience while fighting for your life against hordes of zombies.

At its Normal difficulty, the game already has a few challenging moments, throwing powerful enemies at you without warning, so if you find yourself struggling, just lower the difficulty level and make things easier for yourself. Remember, certain trophies or achievements need you to complete the game at its highest difficulty level without ever lowering it.

Try-Out Co-Op

While the game is more single-player focused, you have a co-op option if you want to play with friends. This mode will balance players' and enemies' health and damage to make the fight interesting. Fortunately, if you or one of your friends die, your allies can resurrect you.

Even with challenging enemies, having two players against a massive horde can make taking an enemy down easier. The one downside to co-op is that the host is the only one who gets story progress, so you can’t play through the game as a team in one run.

Dodge-Rolling is Not Always a Safe Option

While dodging and rolling is a good way to move in combat, it won’t make you invincible to attacks, as you’ll still get hit by the edge of one. You should instead interrupt an attack with a shotgun, Quake Punch, Kick-off, and a Zapper Pull/Dodge when appropriate. There are also some dodge upgrades you can gain later on.

How to Kill the Parasiter


The Parasiter is one of the most annoying bosses to deal with in the entire game. You must meet certain conditions before dealing any real damage: Kill the two smaller tentacles to expose the large tentacle’s weak points, which you then need to shoot. You’ll have to do this three times in increasingly hostile conditions before you can kill the boss.

The small tentacles have a few attacks, including the slam (which they perform three times before getting stuck in the ground for you to attack however you want) and their ranged attack (which reveals their weak spot, which you can shoot to stun them). The main tentacle will mostly stay out of this fight, but if the smaller tentacles back off, prepare to sprint back and forth to avoid an acid spray from the main head. Focus on one head at a time during the first phase of the fight.

Once you’ve removed the smaller tentacles, hit the exposed weak points to deal significant damage and move to the next phase. The main head slams against a tree during this transition, and rain boulders down on you. 

The larger head becomes more involved in the second phase, planting seeds that will produce wasters if you don’t kill them quickly enough, but your strategy will be mostly the same as in the first round. 

During the final phase, the main head attacks one last time. You’ll be dodging boulders and dealing with the tentacles simultaneously, so you’ll need to be quick on your feet. If you have enough energy, use Supercharged Mode in the final phase, as it will allow you to deal massive amounts of damage to one of the tentacles and kill it quickly. Once you reach the last weak point on the Parasiter, you can kill it.

How to Kill the Bruch


The Bruch becomes relatively easy to deal with once you understand its patterns. First, it will dash around the field, swiping at you with melee attacks. Just dash away and try not to get hit. It also has a ranged attack where it will summon three spears above its head and fire them off one by one. You can dodge-roll to avoid these spears as they fly at you.

When you start the fight, attack the Bruch by Supercharging and unleashing any high-damage attacks you can, taking out a quarter of its health. It will cause it to disappear, and two clone Cruch will appear from the ground. Ignore them and go straight for the real Bruch, sitting on the ledge between the two train cars. This will make it start charging its attack, thus exposing its weak points, which you must shoot until the Bruch returns to the battlefield. Then, you can deal with the clones with a shotgun blast and some revolver shots.

The cycle will repeat through the battle, but if you keep attacking the Bruch’s weak points, it will never get a chance to deal you any real damage. Once a third of its health is gone, it will summon Boo-hags and pretues into the field. Zapper all of them to refill your health and Energy, and watch when the Bruch starts charging an attack. Once you clear out the smaller enemies, the Bruch will return to the field. Supercharge it again and whittle down its health to trigger the final phase of the battle.

During the final phase, the Bruch will mix in a new attack, creating a wall of leeches around itself as it continues with its regular attacks. You can shoot the Bruch in the head or counter the wall with the Crippling Rod and zap it to get through the shield. If your rod is on cooldown, just wait the attack out by moving and dodging, as it’s not too dangerous or damaging.

Once you’ve burnt through its final bit of health, you can approach the Bruch and execute it to end the battle and trigger the end-of-level cutscene.

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