Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 6, 2023
Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Jul 26, 2023
  • Genres: Fighting, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Adventure, Arcade
  • Themes: Action, Party
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB E10

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Beginner’s Guide


Embrace the Offer to Start Over if You’re Struggling

During your first playthrough, you may be low on resources by the end. You’ll be offered the opportunity to restart. This may feel wrong, but it’ll allow you to face the game with new knowledge and skills so you can be a bit more prepared for the game’s challenges and emerge stronger on your second attempt.

Adjust the Difficult to Match Your Skill Level

If the game is too difficult for you, adjust it to suit your needs. The game has been designed for players of various skill levels. It allows you to fine-tune the difficulty to suit your needs best and to grant you an enjoyable experience without compromising on the excitement of the game. Find the difficulty that best suits you can take down gangs as you see fit.

Play as Marian for a Lighter Difficulty

Marian is an excellent character to choose if you’re looking for a smooth experience with a character that stays out of danger. She keeps a good distance from enemies and has a powerful rocket launcher that provides some excellent crowd control. She is the perfect character for newcomers hoping to hone their combat skills while easily navigating challenging encounters.

Experiment with Other Characters

You can unlock a diverse range of characters, each with a unique playstyle. Trying out the various characters will add variety to your gameplay and help you determine which fighting style suits you best. Some of the characters work together brilliantly.

Learning how to play at least two characters is good practice, as this will significantly increase your odds of success.

Don’t Stress About Character Upgrades

As you progress and earn money, you can invest in upgrades to enhance your characters’ abilities. You can either focus entirely on one character or work on two and tailor the upgrade to match your preferred playstyle. Be strategic about your choices to maximize your combat potential.

While upgrades will improve the characters you play as, don’t worry about them too much in the early game, as you won’t pick up on much of a change until later in the game.

Buy items From the Token Shop

Once you’ve finished the game, you can head to the token shop to convert your hard-earned tokens and buy gameplay modifiers or additional characters to add some new and interesting mechanics to your playthroughs. Customize your experience and discover new ways to tackle various challenges.

Coordinate with Your Partner

When playing co-op, communication is key. You can optimize crowd control and combine specials effectively by working with those you're partnered with. This will allow you to take out enemies efficiently and reward you with food items that affect your crowd control. Good teamwork can make all the difference in higher difficulties, so you need to communicate well.

The Best Character Upgrades


Combo Mastery - $1050

This upgrade improves combos, making them more efficient and increasing their attack damage by 50%. It’s best for brawlers. 

While players can take a running leap into a skirmish before bolting back to safety, repeating this strategy can take too long. It’s easiest to just dive headfirst into conflicts and reply on strong combos. The stronger a combo becomes, the more powerful the player’s party will be.

This upgrade is best when applied to Billy and Jimmy Lee.

Action Mastery - $350

This game has three different attacks, and every character has a basic attack, which is essentially just punching. The only character this differs for is Marian, who shoots with a gun. The areas where characters really differ and, therefore, shine as individuals are their special attacks (for which they use SP) and Actions.

Billy can grapple with enemies and pummel them until they break free. Marian will dodge roll, and attack with a baton. This upgrade improves the efficiency of Actions and increases their damage by 50%.

SP Conserver - $700

This upgrade enables characters to use their special attacks more frequently, reducing their cost by 25%. The other great thing about this upgrade is that it can be stacked multiple times, increasing its effectiveness.

Move Specialist - $700

Your SP gauge can be recovered by recharging or healing with crystals that your enemies drop. This upgrade will increase the auto-generation rate of SP by 25%, and it is stackable, which increases its effectiveness.

SP-charged attacks can lead to knockout attacks that will grant you food to heal, so you should get this upgrade as early as possible.

SP Proficiency - $1050

SP moves are based on directional buttons and the SP button. This upgrade increases the damage of an SP attack by 50%. Remember that each character has a different SP attack, so this upgrade will be named according to the character rather than just “SP Proficiency.” For example, Marian fires a rock for her SP attack, so her SP Proficiency is called “Rocket Launcher Mastery.”

Pick your favorite special attack and use this upgrade on that character.

Tag Out Force - $350

This game features a two-player co-op. Even if you’re playing alone, you can take two characters into a campaign (a good combo is Billy and Marian). Characters will retain their upgrade trees and health, so swapping out characters when a partner is in danger is good practice. This is where Tag Out Force comes in handy.

Using it will knock back nearby enemies to give your tag partner a safe entry.

Healthy Lifestyle - $700

This upgrade is great for beginners and hardcore brawler players. It increases your health by 25 points and can be stacked. While there are armor upgrades you can purchase to reduce damage, this upgrade is the only way to increase health permanently.

Sacrificed - $350

This upgrade is great because it allows you to push your characters towards victory, even when you’ve been gunned down. If you die, the other character will be fully healed upon a switch out, and all the enemies around you will get knocked down, giving you a major advantage.

If both characters die, you can use money or tokens to revive them on the spot.

Combat Guide


Learn How to Use the Main Characters

There are four main characters in this game:

  • Billy Lee - Billy is fast and takes enemies out with his lightning-quick kicks. His Super Moves included a lethal flying vertical knee, a dive kick that knocks down enemies (incredibly effective after a double jump), and a trademark Lee Brother spin kick.
  • Jimmy Lee - Jimmy is slightly slower than his brother, taking enemies down with his fists and hands. While he’s slower, he hits harder than Billy. His Special Moves include a multi-hit punch attack that knocks enemies forward, an anti-air uppercut, and a grab move that also works on airborne enemies.
  • Marian - The zoner of the group with low hp but a lethal long-range weapon that deals damage while she stays as far away as possible. Her Super Moves include a rocket launcher with a slightly delayed start but a massive damage radius, a mine trap that pulls enemies within range when it detonates, and a single-target, long-reaching command grab. You can abuse her rocket launcher if you get your hands on the powerups that keep your Super Meter stocked.
  • Uncle Matin - Uncle Matin is the group's heavy fighter. While he doesn’t have many combos, he does deal plenty of damage, and any enemy he knocks down with normal combo enders and run attacks can knock out other enemies within range. His Super Moves include a running riot shield charge, a command grab that deals area-of-effect damage with its slam, and an air grab. Like Marian, if you have the correct Super Meter power-ups at the end of each level, you can abuse his riot shield charge.
Run Cancel After Attacking

The run button in this game not only gives you momentum in movement but allows you to perform a run attack that will knock down enemies. If you move to perform an attack and realize that you’ve miss-timed it or have opened yourself up to an enemy, you can cancel that attack by taking your finger off the run button. 

Remember that once you’ve canceled an attack, there’s a second-long brake recovery period, so stop somewhere you aren’t surrounded by enemies to avoid being counterattacked.

Use Tokens to Unlock Collectibles and Characters

During your playthroughs, try to collect as many tokens as possible. They will unlock various items, including music, concept artwork, and additional characters (which you can use for future playthroughs). Regarding purchasable characters, Sub-bosses cost 10 Tokens, Main Bosses cost 25 and ??? characters cost 50; they are also the most powerful of the lot.

Suppose you don’t want to wait to purchase characters and just want to get your hands on a few good ones as fast as possible. In that case, these are some great options: Chin (a fast rushdown character), Linda (she has a long-ranged whip Super Move), and Abobo (a heavy bruiser with the best AoE super. He also has some awesome armor that’ll keep you well protected).

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