The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Cheats on PC

Last Updated: September 12, 2023
The Sims 4: Horse Ranch
  • Parent Game: The Sims 4
  • Category: Expansion
  • First Released: Jul 19, 2023
  • Genres: Simulator
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Cheats Available Through Trainers


We all enjoy the freedom playing Sims provides us. As a bonus, you can add cheats to your experience using trainers like Wemod and Plitch. Here are the cheats Wemod offers:

  • Add money 5k
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Set Game Speed

Here are the cheats from Plitch Trainer

  • Prepare
  • Set Weapon Ammo
  • Character Size: Increase
  • Character Size: Decrease
  • Character Size: Normal
  • Set Movement Speed
  • Set gravity
  • Increase money
  • Reset money
  • Set ammo clip
  • Unlimited health
  • Refill Fuel
  • Low fuel
  • Increase position x
  • Decrease position x
  • Increase position y
  • Decrease position y
  • Increase position z
  • Decrease position z
  • Set jump height

Ghost Horse Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

If you go to the canyon with the broken wooden rope bridge, you’ll treat yourself to the infamous ghost horse sighting. As you near the bridge, you’ll see the horse on the other side staring at you. 

Jake David shares where to find the Horse Ghost

How to Ensure the Best Possible Gameplay


Choose Your Horse's Traits Wisely

Horses in The Sims 4 can have up to three traits from a list of eleven unique options: Aggressive, Brave, Defiant, Energetic, Fearful, Free Spirit, Friendly, Independent, Intelligent, Mellow, and Needy. These traits affect their behavior, learning speed, and social interactions. Some hidden traits are only accessible through selective breeding, so choose traits that align with your goals.

Train Your Horse

Horses can be trained in four key skills: Temperament, Agility, Jumping, and Endurance. The horse's traits will impact how quickly they acquire these skills. For example, defiant horses learn more slowly and may struggle with training exercises. Your Sim's riding level also influences their riding animations and stability on horseback.

Visit the Equestrian Center

Take your horse to the Equestrian Center in Chestnut Ridge to participate in various competitions, including Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Endurance Racing, and Western Pleasure. Success in these events can lead to the Ultimate Horse Championship, offering rewards like Simoleons, plaques, trophies, and access to higher divisions.

Breed and Sell Horses

Breeding horses can lead to offspring with high resale values and better competition potential. Successful breeding requires a good relationship between the parent horses. Remember that a horse's value is determined by its traits, skill levels, competition awards, care quality, and Championship Genes. Selling horses can be a lucrative way to earn Simoleons.

Raise a Foal 

Foals are adorable and easier to befriend and train, potentially becoming future champions. Breeding your horses may also reveal hidden traits. You can breed adult stallions or elder stallions with adult mares, but elder mares cannot breed. Build strong relationships between the parents before attempting to breed. Note that a pregnant mare cannot be ridden or bred until after the foal is born.

How to make Nectar


Nectar Making is an engaging skill introduced with this Expansion Pack. This skill adds a unique dimension to your Sim's life and presents a lucrative opportunity to amass Simoleons.

In The Sims 4, nectar-making involves extracting essential flavors from diverse ingredients. However, it's not all finesse; you'll also need to employ less delicate methods, such as smashing those ingredients with your feet.

To embark on your Nectar Making journey, you'll need the essential tool: the Nectar Maker. You can acquire this contraption from the build-and-buy catalog for 350 Simoleons, conveniently listed under the Outdoor Activities section.

If you're having trouble locating it, search for the "Rootin' Fruit'n Nectar Maker" in the search bar. Once the Nectar Maker graces your lot, click on it and select the "Craft Nectar" option.

You can perfect Nectar Making by crafting bottles at the Nectar Maker. As your skill improves, you'll find that your Sims can craft Nectar more swiftly, and they'll unlock the ability to concoct different varieties of Nectar.

The Nectar Maker allows you to purchase basic ingredients for your ingredient needs. However, for maximum profits and perhaps to tackle a Rags to Riches challenge, you may cultivate your fruits for Nectar production.

If you're feeling adventurous, you might stumble upon random bottles of Nectar while clearing away Prairie Grass. To increase your chances, consider applying the Prairie lot challenge to spawn more patches of Prairie Grass on your lot.

Additionally, if your Sim boasts the Rancher Trait, they might have the fortune of randomly producing double the amount of Nectar when they stumble upon it.

Nectar comes in various delightful flavors, each requiring specific ingredients. Some ingredients can be readily purchased at the Nectar Maker station, while others must be harvested or discovered within the game. Here's a quick rundown of Nectar varieties, their required ingredients, and the corresponding skill level:

  • Apple Nectar: Apple x3 (Skill Level 1)
  • Grape Nectar: Grape x3 (Skill Level 1)
  • Strawberry Nectar: Strawberry x3 (Skill Level 2)
  • Potato Nectar: Potato x3 (Skill Level 2)
  • Prairie Grass Nectar: Prairie Grass Hay x3 (Skill Level 3)
  • Trash Nectar: Trash Fruit x3 (Skill Level 3)
  • Energy Nectar: Lemon x2, Any Herb x1 (Skill Level 4)
  • Vitality Nectar: Death Flower x1, Spinach x2 (Skill Level 5)
  • Berry Nectar: Any Berry x3 (Skill Level 5)
  • Fruit Nectar: Any Fruit x3 (Skill Level 5)
Petey Plays It shares a guide for making Nectar

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