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Last Updated: December 24, 2022

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  • First Released: Sep 30, 2021

Purchasing New Trains Hints

You can purchase new trains for your track if you have enough money. The game used dollars as its currency. The trains you can buy are:

  • Porters
  • Eureka 4-4-0
  • Mogul 2-6-0
  • Class 70 2-8-0
  • Heisler
  • Climax

Currency is earned by creating a profitable railroad in the game as you earn more, you can buy bigger and more powerful trains. 

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Cheat Trainer Cheats

Railroads Online is a great online game. It, unfortunately, doesn’t have onboard cheats. You can make use of a trainer to use the cheat. Websites such as cheat happen offer links to many great trainers.

We suggest you use Plitch trainer. Plitch is a trainer that has many games loaded onto it. For Railroads, Online Plitch has 11 cheats. Out of the cheats, 5 are free, and 6 are for premium users. Here is a list of the cheats:

Free Cheats

  • Prepare ( enter Locomotive )
  • Refill Boiler Pressure
  • Refill Water level
  • Low Boiler pressure
  • Low water pressure

Premium Cheats

  • Refill Fuel
  • Refill Water Temperature
  • Refill Fire Temperature
  • Low Fuel
  • Low Water temperature
  • Low Fire Temperature.

Trainers are relatively easy to use. To use Plitch, you need to install it on your PC or console. Search for Railroads Online through the trainer and access the game there. Once you have accessed the game, it is as simple as activating the cheat when you need it.


Collecting Fire Wood Glitches

To collect firewood, you have to build a firewood depot. Once you have done this, you will see captions showing the amount of wood above where the wood should be. The amounts say 0/100, meaning there is no wood.

Even though it says there is no wood, if you right-click and look down, you should see wood appear by your feet. Do this a few times, and you should fill your train's wood storage. 


Watch your Budget Hints

In Railroads Online, you can do many actions like build water towers and chop down trees. Each time you do want these actions, it costs you money. For example, when you cut down a tree, it costs $2. 

Unfortunately, this can easily be missed, and you can find yourself stuck without the finances to continue developing your station. Best keep to keep an eye on your finances and spend wisely. 

Focus on the development of your railroad instead of building unnecessary water towers and log cabins.  


Know your Train Hints

Once you have gotten a little further in the game, you would have acquired a few more trains. Each train has its pros and cons. Knowing these would help you know what train to use for different jobs.

For example, the Porter is a small-sized train with low water and fuel reserves. It also uses a mechanical brake making it less reliable than your locomotives with air brakes. It would be best to use the train for small distance travel. 

The Climax is, however, much bigger and stronger and can be used on routes with large grades. The Climax is, unfortunately, very slow. So if you are looking for a train to pull a heavy load over a long distance, this would be your choice. 

If you were looking to take a train through tight corners over a short distance and fast, then the porter is your choice. This is just an example, there are other trains to choose from.


How to get the train going Guides

To get the train going, you need to make sure a few things are in order. When you enter the train by pressing ‘F,’ you will see your stats in the bottom left corner. For the train to move, you would need to get your water temperature up and boiler temperature up. 

Firstly, you need to check that your firewood is fully stocked. These locomotives are steam-powered. If you run out of wood, then your train stops. 

To check if you have enough wood, you simply just need to walk into your train and look to the left. There you should see a pile of wood stacked up to the window. If it looks low, then you need to collect wood. 

The next thing you need to check is your water level. If your water level is down, this means you won't be able to create enough pressure to get the train moving. You will need to use the nearest water tower to refill. 

Once you have enough wood and water, you need to add wood to the furnace. To do this, you just hover over the wood and left-click. Then look at the furnace and right-click. You will only be able to put around 4 pieces in at a time.

Take a look at your stats again. You should see your fuel percentage rise as well as the temperature. As soon as the water temperature hits 100 degrees, there should be enough pressure to make the train move. 


How to refill water Guides

Refilling the water is relatively simple. There should be a water tower nearby. You need to move the train to the water tower, so the front of the train is in line with the spout on the tower. If there is no tower, you can build one by pressing ‘G’ and choosing a water tower. Place it in an easy-to-get area.

At the top in front of the train is your water tank. Open its hatch by clicking on it. Then look at the spout on the water tower and click on it. Guide it over the hatch as it uses gravity to allow the water to run into the tank. Once your tank is full, lift the spout and close the hatch.


How to get more firewood Guides

Getting firewood is also fairly simple. You don’t have to go and cut trees down for it. To collect firewood, you need to build Firewood Depot. To build a depot, press “G.” Under facilities, you will find the option to build a firewood depot.

Place the depot near the railway track. You generally would have to cut the wood and stock the depot yourself or have to go to the logging camp or sawmill to collect wood. But with the bug mentioned above, you can bypass this for now. Once you receive firewood, carry it back to the train and add it to your pile.

This video shows you how to get your train started and the basics of collecting materials.


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