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Last Updated: January 24, 2023

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  • First Released: Apr 25, 2021

Cheat / Mod Cheats

There are no direct cheats for Elixir of life, but you can download a VIP Mod. This just gives you access to the game for free.

To install the Mod, you can have to download the APK. Make sure the previous version of Elixir of life is uninstalled on your device, and then install the APK file. You might have to allow unknown installations, but this is pretty simple.

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Tutorials Hints

Before you get into the game, you are required to do tutorials to help you get the basics of the game. Don’t skip the tutorials. Whilst doing the tutorials, you gain great experience as well as lots of free stuff and rewards. 

Some of the items you receive during the tutorials are the best in the game. So make an effort to pay attention to the tutorial.


Watch Ads Hints

For many of us, watching ads can be boring and considered a waste of time. But in Elixir of life, you can build your currency by watching ads. So if you are ever stuck without cash to buy or upgrade an item, watch an ad.


Daily Events Hints

Playing daily events is also a way to gain more currency and experience. Try to play these events as you start the game. Doing this should give you a boost financially for anything else you would like to do that day.



Learn from Others Hints

Watch clips of others playing on sites like Twicth and Youtube. Learn from their strategies and how they deal with different opponents. Also, play against different opponents who play the game differently. Don’t miss any unleashed events.


Learning from others and playing them should help you develop well in the game. Heres a video demonstrating the gameplay.


Search everywhere Hints

Through the game, you can find loot hidden everywhere. Never stop exploring and looking for loot. The more you find, the more currency you build. Be careful when going into caves though. Here you will mostly find your opponents and bosses.



Find the keys and seals Hints

Often to unlock new bosses, you need to activate their gateways. To do this, you need to find keys and seals. Always be on the lookout for keys and seals and collect them. This saves you time having to go back and find them after you've tried to enter a boss gateway.


Experience Playing with every hero Hints

To get the best experience from the game, we suggest you play with every hero, You have five heroes to start with. Try completing the parts of the campaign with different heroes. Eventually, you will learn what hero is best for each challenge.



Keep Upgrading Hints

In the game, you can upgrade your spells. Spells give you an added advantage when facing difficult opponents and bosses. The more upgraded your spells are, the more effective they will be. Whenever you have the currency to do so, Upgrade your spells.

You can also craft new weapons and upgrade them. To craft weapons, you have to have the materials and currency to do so. The same concept applies. The more upgraded the weapon is, the more efficient it will be against enemies.


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