City of Gangsters Cheats on PC

Last Updated: February 16, 2023

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Using The Wemod Trainer To Cheat


Even though City of Gangsters doesn't have a built-in cheat system, there are ways to add cheats to the game to give it a little extra flavor. One method to include cheats in the game is to download and use a trainer.

Although the WeMod trainer has been tested by many users and supports Steam, we still advise you to read reviews before installing any trainer or software.

The following cheats are provided by the WeMod Trainer:


  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Movement Points
  • Unlimited Action Points
  • Unlimited XP
  • Unlimited Favors


  • Edit Money
  • Edit Stored Money
  • Max Storage Space
  • Enemies
  • One-Hit Kills


  • Set Game Speed

Enable Cheats Console

These are the methods to activate developer mode if you wish to utilize cheats.

  • In the Omerta directory, create a folder called "Data."
  • Make a text document called "cheatfix.lua" that is blank.
  • Open the autorun.lua file and put this line of code: Put the following line of code in the autorun.lua file: AreCheatsAvailable = function() return true end
  • Play and appreciate the cheats we'll provide you.

This section was the most challenging part; you will see a video tutorial at the end of the cheat list if you don’t understand the instructions. Now it’s time to enjoy the easy part. Cheats are now available and usable in-game.

Press Alt+F4 to quit developer mode if you're having trouble exiting.

Full List of City of Gangsters Cheats

Simply enter the following hacks into the pause menu:

  • chbigdeal: +20K dirty and clean cash
  • chsecretstash: +150 storage, 50 beer, liquor, and also firearms
  • chfearme: maxes out fear rating
  • chfancysuit: maxes out like rating
  • charmsrace: adds all weapons to inventory
  • chfeellucky: wins a tactical mission
  • chcementshoes: loses a tactical mission
  • chfullhouse: unlocks all henchmen
  • chplayground: unlocks all districts
  • chdrycity: wins current district
  • chding [value]: level up to level [value] (this cheat doesn’t work for us)
  • Most of these cheats are repeatable, that is, you can get infinite money if you use the money to cheat unlimitedly
Check out this video instruction by the YouTuber Mamuharam and find the answers you need if you still need help activating the hacks or just want to make sure they function.

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