Plants vs. Zombies 2: Reflourished Cheats on iOS

Last Updated: October 4, 2023
Plants vs. Zombies 2: Reflourished
  • Parent Game: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time
  • Category: MOD
  • First Released: Oct 14, 2022
  • Genres: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy, Tactical, Adventure
  • Themes: Science fiction, Survival, Comedy

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Use Sunflowers


Planting Sunflowers is extremely important as they give you additional sun. Try to plant two rows of Sunflowers when it is possible. You can protect your Sunflowers against a Zombie attack by combining them with Potato Mines.

ZomVoid shares some tips in Plants vs Zombies

Read The Pattern


Zombies will always use the same pattern when attacking your plants. Try to figure out this pattern and remember it, so that if you make an error and die, it will be easy to replay the level. 

Use Plant Food For an Instant Attack


Plant Food is one of the most precious resources when playing Plants vs Zombies 2: Reflourished. When you are under attack and need to urgently stop a zombie from eating your brains. You can use Plant Food to make a plant immediately attack the zombie. Once your plant has completed its attack, it will go back into its refreshing stage.

Wolfy Playz shares some tips for playing Plants vs Zombies 2: Reflourished.

How To Defeat All The Bosses


The easiest boss to defeat in Plants vs Zombies 2 Reflourished is Zombot Aerostatic Gondola 2.0. This Zombot summons Gargantaurs, Temple Heads, Lost Explorers, Magenta Skulls, and Relic hunters to swarm the battlefield.

This Zombot can be defeated using Snapdragons’ “Plant Food” effect and using Bowling Bulb as one of your attackers. Zombot isn’t able to control his zombies to defeat the combination of Snapdragon and Bowling Bulb.

Zombot War Wagon 2.0 will use an army of Swarmed Westerners, Zombie Bulls, Prospectors, Chickens, and Rodeo Legends to try and finish you off. You can ward off his attack with Melon pelt and fully boosted Ultimato.

Spikeweed or Spikerock have the best defence against Chickens in Plants vs Zombies. Spikeweed and Spikerock will kill chickens when they run across them. Alternatively, you can use Lightning Reed’s chain attack to kill an entire row of chickens.

Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur 2.0 will use Imposter, Rock Carrier, Egg Shrimp, and Egg Carrier imp. The existence of the black tar on the board and the stacking of Pea pods will assist you in the battle. Parsnip can be used to cheese his zombies and ward off this attack.

Zombie TuskMaster 10 000 BC 2.0 will use Tuskheads, Robododos, Weasel Hoarders, and Gargantuars to swarm you at once. This Zombie boss can target more than just one plant with his icicles from the middle phase. He will quickly regenerate his ice blocks and swarm your defences.

Use a Banana Launcher and aim it at him, this is effective. You can use Laser Beans, Fume-shrooms, Cold Snapdragons, and Wasabi Whips to stop Weasel Hoarders from attacking you.

Imp Pear can be used against a Weasel Hoarder as it will turn the zombie into an Imp and prevent them from distributing weasels. Hit Gargantuars with Jalapenos right after they have thrown an Imp. A charged Potato mine is effective against a Gargantuar when they crush the mine.

Zombot Sharktronic Sub is a boss for the Big Wave Beach that appears on Day 32 in Modern Day. This boss uses all Big Wave Beach zombies except for the Fisherman and Beach Flag Zombies. Sharktronic Sub can inhale both plants and zombies in multiple lanes, this attack kills them instantly. 

This boss will perform a turbine attack, in the beginning his turbine attack is slow but increases as the level develops. He will also perform more turbine attacks in the last wave of attack so it is important to save your plant food.

Zombot Sharktronic Subs' attack can be halted when it swallows Tangled Kelp. Use Coconut Cannons and Winter Melons to swarm Zombot Shaktonic Sub. Spamming Lilly pads in the water will delay his turbine attack. Use Plant Food on Coconut Cannons to hoard off his attacking zombie sharks.

Zombot Plank Walker is the boss of Pirate Seas on day 35. This boss has a special attack cannon that can rain down Imp’s past your plant defences. It will summon zonies and it has an eye that will open when revealing its canon.

The cannon will fire six Imp Pirate Zombies on the third and fourth lanes. You can deter this attack by using Plant Food from most plants except for Tall-nut, Kernel-pult, and Chili Bean.

The boss's attack will be halted when it collides with Cherry Bombs.

It is important to save Plant Food so you are able to counter him every time he begins to charge your defences.

Zombot Sphinx-inator is the boss of Ancient Egypt. This boss will summon any zombie from Ancient Egypt except for Ra Zombie, Camel Zombie, and Flag Mummy Zombie. It will occupy two rows on the lawn and will occasionally jump around the lawn.

Zombot Sphinx-inator will send out zombies in two rows at a time. You can only attack it from the two rows that it occupies. Its special missile attack creates tombstones.

You can counter this boss's attack by keeping one Iceberg Lettuce, Plant Food, and one Grave Buster to remove any tombstones that he has created. You must use Plant Food to counteract the Sphinx-inators charging attack.

Using Plant Food on Bonk Choy and Repeaters will clear an entire row of tombstones. When the Sphinx-inator target locks onto your plant, you must use Plant Food on that plant to prevent the missile from destroying the plant.

Plant Snow Pea in every row to effectively spam his torch lights and spam as many plants as possible. You will then be able to oversell Sphinx-inator in the battle and win.

Zombot Dark Dragon is the boss of the Dark Ages. This boss will summon most Dark Age zombies except for Zombie King and Peasant Flag Zombie. As it is a dragon, it inflicts damage with a fire breathing attack. 

The Zombot Dark Dragon will spit out fireballs that will hatch Imp Dragon zombies. This attack will immediately burn any plants or zombies that it lands on. The fireball will also scorch the tile on the lawn, rendering it unplantable.

This boss also will breathe fire, destroying any plants and zombies in the two rows. The tiles in these two rows will also become scorched and unplantable. You can counter this boss's attack with Plant Food from most plants except Banana Launcher and Kernel-pult.

Zombot Multi-stage Masher is the boss of the Neon Mixtape Tour level. This boss will summon zombies during the jam sessions and attack plants by dropping speakers onto or within two blocks of the plant. 

The speaker drop attack can kill plants even after they have been fed with Plant Food. This attack renders passive damage to all plants except for Phat Beet and ground plants.

The right speaker on the Zombot Multi-stage Masher will send out shockwaves that can wipe out all the plants and zombies in the lane. You can defeat this boss by using Spore-shroom, Phat Beet, and Celery Stalker. 

Zombot Tomorrow Tron is the boss in the Far Future stage in Plants vs Zombies 2: Reflourished. This boss will summon most of the zombies from the Far Future except for Robo Cone Zombie, Future Flag Zombie, Disco Jetpack Zombie, and Disco-tron 3000. 

Zombot Tomorrow Tron has a missile attack that can destroy empty Power Tiles. This attack can launch two missiles at the same time. The Zombot will also charge your plants and destroy any plants or zombies in its two lanes.

Zombot Tomorrow Tron does have some weaknesses, you can slow down his charging attack with Pika Grass. Fume-shroom and Instant Kills are effective against Zombot Tomorrow Tron.

Zombot lawn o Tronombot Lawn -O-Tron is the final boss in Plants vs Zombies 2: Reflourished. The Zombot can summon zombies from its mouth or when it taps its legs to the ground and creates them. Expect Bug Bots, Disco Jetpack Zombies, Swashbuckler Zombies, Lost Pilot Zombies, Jetpack Zombies, and Relic Hunter Zombies to be summoned.

Zombot Lawn-O-Tron will attack your plants with Ice and Fireballs. These balls can be countered by using boosted Iceberg Lettuce and Laser Beans. 

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