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Last Updated: November 9, 2022

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  • Genre: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
  • Platforms: Mac,PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Developer: Studio Wildcard,Virtual Basement LLC
  • Publisher: Studio Wildcard,Reverb Communications Inc.
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB T
  • First Released: Aug 28, 2017

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Crashes Glitches

It has been reported that on startup, Ark: Survival Evolved can sometimes freeze and then crash. This has been theorized that Windows 10 sometimes does not play nicely with Ark, however, this has not been proven. Having the hype crash and burn because of startup freezing can be very disheartening for players, so be cautious.


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What are you doing in my swamp!? Easter Eggs

If you were to play on Ragnarok, head to the coordinates 42.5, 18.3. Keep your eyes peeled because the swamp biome is very dense. If you clear away some shrubbery and look around, you will find a hut that closely resembles the hut of the donkey's best friend, Shreks, house.


OnFire944 shows a couple of Easter eggs.


Clever Girl Easter Eggs

Once again, on Ragnarok, head over to coordinates 63.8, 44.1. Along a cliff face, you will come across a ruin of a building. Head into the ruin and you will notice many statues in different rooms. These statues have many people accompanied by dinosaurs. This can be a very subtle nod to the Jurassic Park movies.

OnFire944 shows a couple of Easter eggs.


Santiago Easter Eggs

If you were to play on Extinction, make your way over to the coordinates 54.2, 33.4. You will find a very large sword with the name “Santiago” carved into the stone at the base. This is a reference to the ark storyline. It is believed that Santiago was defending all in a brave fight from his mech, however, he was killed and his mech destroyed. All that remained was this sword and the legend.

OnFire944 shows a couple of Easter eggs.


Sign your name Easter Eggs

On Ragnarok, make the trek over to the coordinates 79.8, 63.2. On the floor, hidden below lots of rocks and shrubbery, a developer has left his likeness in the texture of the ground. It can be worth taking the time to clear away all the obstacles just to see this testament to one of the developers.

OnFire944 shows a couple of Easter eggs.


WILSON!! Easter Eggs

On the map “Lost Island” which is part of a free DLC, head on over to the coordinates 19.5, 09.5. You will come across a small island, upon this island, you will find a small ball that has the uncanny likeness of Wilson the ball from the famous movie Castaway.

OnFire944 shows a couple of Easter eggs.


Arrow to the Knee Easter Eggs

Taking a look at the map layout for “Lost Island” can spark something in the brains of certain players, but they can’t seem to put a finger on it. This is here to find that pesky spot. If you were to look at the map layout, it is very similar to the map of Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls franchise. There are certain spots on the map that can remind players of their favorite spots from the Elder Scrolls franchise.

OnFire944 Showing a few Easter eggs.


Lost, but found Easter Eggs

Head on over to the coordinates 64, 47.3 on the map Lost Island, there you will find a hull that cannot be opened. This hull is thought to be a nod to the popular series of Lost.

Raasclark shows easter eggs in Lost Island.


Wall Walkers Glitches

Players and mobs have been known to phase through walls and player-made structures, which compromises the integrity of the game, as this can affect player-owned mobs and structures. It can ruin the game for some players as their defenses which they have taken time and resources to build can effectively be useless. However, this can come as a double-edged sword, as players have reported that they, on occasion, fall through the map or get stuck in places around the world.



Suffering from success Glitches

There have been known to be some in-game crashes when players have been playing on high resolution. So players that have beefier systems can sometimes suffer a bit more than players who own older systems. So watch out for those pesky system overheating symptoms.



Supply of frustration Glitches

Throughout the game, the server will drop supplies for players. This is a source of resources for new players and can help players throughout their grinding experience. This can be a source of great relief….or frustration. There have been some bugs known to occur where the supply drop lands a few inches into the ground. This bug has the unfortunate outcome of not being able to loot these supply drops.



Talking Backpack Glitches

So survival games such as this one always have a weight limit for characters so that they cannot carry the world around with them. This is a clever way to limit the versatility of players. This can be skirted though, in quite an ingenious way. If you were to knock a player out who has a full inventory, you can drag said player to wherever you would like. So clan up with a few friends, go gather resources, and stark bonking!



Queen Bee Glitches

There is a small bug to be reported, well, two technically. If a player wants to move their beehives, it should drop a queen bee for the player to rebuild and effectively farm. It has been referenced that if a player decides to move their beehive, the queen bee does not drop. This can cause a lot of annoyance with players as a lot of hard work has been lost for no reason at all. 



Show me how it’s done Guides

Games such as Ark: Survival Evolved have a very steep learning curve, players new to the game can often struggle to find the most important things to do to improve their standing in the game. Watching videos of players that have small walkthroughs and hints helps newer players catch on to the game a lot faster. 


Phlinger Phoo Showing his viewers the ropes.


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