Xbox One Update Details

Letzte Aktualisierung: 26. Februar 2014


A user on Reddit named da13thninja has posted that they tried the new Xbox One update, as a part of Microsoft’s new update beta program. While this is only a single post from a beta user, so we can’t confirm its contents, here is what the user reported.

First, you can use a USB connector to update your controller. This should be good, especially since previous controller updates have been a little tedious to perform. You can turn off the Kinect hand cursor while watching videos, and you can access Kinect tutorials through Settings. Attempting to snap Skype, while still impossible, will now tell you that you cannot do it.

The Notifications settings have been updated to include an option called “Show all other notifications,” while the Optical and HDMI settings allow you to choose between DTA Digital Surround and Dolby Digital for “Bitstream Out.”

Microsoft’s announcement for the update made a big point of showing how social features would improve, and da13thninja confirms all of those features, including a favorites list and a list of users you recently played games with. Apparently the “Xbox, broadcast” command will open Twitch, too, even though you cannot broadcast yet.

In general, the update has made the Xbox One interface faster and more efficient. It sounds like a great update all around, and while users might have signed a non-disclosure agreement when they entered the beta, we still would like to thank da13thninja for this report.