New Patch for Dead Rising 3

Letzte Aktualisierung: 20. Januar 2014


As players of Dead Rising 3 prepare for the release of the first story-related DLC tomorrow, they should download the latest update available. This patch not only readies the game for future DLC episodes, but also provides a number of fixes.

Performance and stability has been upgraded in both single-player and co-op modes, glitches have been fixed, and certain aspects of gameplay have been tweaked. For example, it is now easier to look through piles of items, and the way PP bonuses are unlocked is improved. Most notably, the game now warns a player when they are running low on ammo—the right trigger vibrates.

Players are encouraged to download the patch before they download the DLC episode. At 13GB, the patch contains a lot more than just the data related to those fixes and improvements. Many fans are disgruntled over this, as this patch will take up a large chunk of space while not offering much in the immediate future, and is mandatory even for players who don’t intend to buy the DLC. It’s an interesting idea, but so far it hasn’t been well-received.