Xbox One: Warnings to Those With Bad Reputations

Last Updated: March 26, 2014


The new reputation system on the Xbox One gives players a reputation ranking based on their behavior in the gaming community. These rankings range from “Good” to “Avoid me,” with “Needs work” in between. This reputation is visible on your Gamercard and lets other players quickly see if you’ve been reported by others a lot. Don’t worry if you’ve been reported falsely a few times. The system is built to allow for that. What it really looks for are players who are regularly reported over long periods of time.

Xbox Reputation System

Now, Microsoft announced its plans to do more with the reputation system. There will be rewards for “Good” players, while players who have a “Needs work” ranking will receive warnings. Players who hit the “Avoid me” status will be penalized. For example, they “will have reduced matchmaking pairings and may be unable to use certain privileges such as Twitch broadcasting.”

If this works as planned, it could go a long way toward making Xbox Live multiplayer more enjoyable for everyone (well, except the trolls and other troublemakers). On the other hand, the system sounds like it could be abused and result in unfair consequences. Microsoft says its taken steps to ensure that won’t happen, but can anything be foolproof?

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And speaking of Xbox Live, yesterday’s difficulties should be resolved.