Xbox One Update Includes Battery Indicator and Storage Management

Last Updated: February 5, 2014


We’re pleased to report that the next Xbox One update has been announced for February 11, and it will bring with it two features players have been asking for—the battery life indicator for the controller and the ability to see how much hard drive storage your games and apps are using. We aren’t sure why Microsoft thought it was a good idea to hide these two pieces of information in the first place, but at least they’ve realized their mistake.

According to Microsoft, the update will also implement separate lists and queues for games and apps, improve players’ management of download/installation queues, and introduce support for USB keyboards.

Marc Whitten, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, added that it will include further updates for developers and improve the stability and the Kinect’s voice command recognition feature. He also said it would bring “several new features Xbox fans will love,” but didn’t go into any more details. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more about these features.

Additionally, another update is scheduled for March 4 to prepare the Xbox One for the arrival of Titanfall by fixing issues with the multiplayer and party system. Due to Titanfall’s multiplayer focus, we hope it works as well as they intend.