Xbox One Does Not Have a Second GPU

Last Updated: March 21, 2014


We aren’t entirely sure where the Xbox One dual GPU rumor started, but it seems to be the work of a dubious source known as “Mister X.” Whoever started it, however, it isn’t true. Albert Penello, who is in charge of planning for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Kinect, denied the rumors. In fact, he thought he’d already denied the existence of a second GPU, but in the wake of the DirectX 12 announcement, people started talking about it again.

He also mentioned that the Xbox One’s performance will consistently get better as time goes on, which echoes sentiments we’ve heard from other Microsoft representatives.

This should quiet the rumors, although we would be shocked if they stop entirely. Some people are already looking for new ways to claim the rumors as true, but for now, we’ll take Penello’s statement at face value. What do you think?