Xbox One Might Get Spotify, Youtube Uploads, and More

Last Updated: April 5, 2014


We’ve got a few new Xbox One rumors for you today. First, a user on Reddit who claimed to be an employee of Microsoft said that Spotify will be coming to the Xbox One soon. Spotify would be a cross-platform app working the same on the Xbox One, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8.1.

He also said you’ll be able to play music and run tasks in the background on the Xbox One in the near future.

Now, you can check out the Reddit thread if you want, but you won’t see much. The supposed source and all of his posts have since been deleted. This makes us less inclined to believe what he had to say, although feel free to chime in if you disagree.

Meanwhile, an image has surfaced on the Internet that suggests new features will be coming soon to the Xbox One’s Youtube app.

Xbox One Youtube

If this picture is legitimate, it shows new achievements coming for the Youtube app, including one for uploading a video straight from your Xbox One. It would be great if users could put their game footage directly on Youtube like that, and since it’s in line with other features that have come to the Xbox One, it seems plausible. However, this is still just a rumor. We’ll let you know if we hear more.