Xbox One Media Remote Coming Soon

Last Updated: February 13, 2014


Yesterday, Amazon’s Canadian site briefly displayed a preorder page for an Xbox One Media Remote. It has since disappeared, but thanks to Google Cache, we have an image of the device, along with a few details.

The Media Remote was price at $24.99 in Canadian dollars, which would make it $22.69 in the U.S. It was listed with a release date of March 4, and, bizarrely, was described as game with a pending ESRB rating.

From the picture, its design is basic enough—directional buttons, standard media controls (volume, play, pause, etc.), and buttons for the Xbox One menus.

With the Xbox One’s media features, this could be a great device for many people. Since the listing has been taken down, however, we can’t be sure this the Media Remote is legitimate until we hear an official announcement (we’d be very surprised if this was fake however).

You can check out the now gone listing at Amazon right here.