Xbox One cloud improves Forza 5 AI 600%

Last Updated: August 1, 2013


The power of the cloud is already being utilized to great effect according to the developers of Forza Motorsport 5, Turn10. In fact, it’s apparently enabled them to boost the AI capabilities in Forza 5 by 600%!

Forza 5 creative director Dan Greenawalt recently told OXM that those 300,000 servers in the cloud Microsoft has been so eager to tell us about are pretty useful and has enabled them to make some pretty cool developments for Forza 5’s “Drivatar” feature (the name of the AI system).

Apparently Drivatar would normally consume 10-20% of the Xbox One’s computing power and by offloading those AI duties to the cloud, not only does it free up system resources for other things (like displaying pretty graphics) but it improves the AI markedly – by 600% of what the Xbox One could do on its own!

We can now make our AI instead of just being 20%, 10% of the box’s capability, we can make it 600% of the box’s capability… Put it in the cloud and free up that 10% or 20% to make the graphics better – on a box that’s already more powerful than we worked on before.

As a personal fan of the Forza series I can’t wait to see this in action.