Write For Us

Last Updated: July 20, 2017

We need your content and (if you’re good enough) we’re willing to pay you for it.

Maybe you’re a keen gamer and you want to make some money on the side or maybe you’ve just compiled an awesome list of data on your favorite game. Well, don’t let it sit on your hard drive where no-one will see it! Send it to us, either post it using the ‘submit content’ button on the relevant game page or get in touch via our ‘contact us‘ form. For the right people, we’re willing to pay you for your stuff. Your content must be original and not just a blatant copy of some other gaming websites walk through (we will check).

If you’re a struggling gaming blogger and you’re trying to build links to your site, if you help us flesh out our database of gaming data we’ll reciprocate by giving you an author bio and a link back to your site or blog. That kind of thing really helps from a long established site with a lot of traffic like this one!

If you want to guest post on Cheats.co, that’s also a possibility.

Here’s the kind of data we are looking for about the games on the platforms we cover:

1 – Cheats

Our most prized content. Modern computer games rarely contain actual ‘cheats’ as the quality of production and testing has increased to a level where few actual exploits make it out into the wild, however… if you know of anything that allows a gamer to achieve an objective quickly and easily by bypassing the normal game flow, that’s perfect!

2 – Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are also very sought after content, easter eggs relate to information on quirks within the game intentionally added by developers to reference previous game iterations, other games, personal messages or just plain oddities!

3 – Unlockables

Most modern games allow for differing difficulty settings and other content to be ‘unlocked’ when the game has been completed. Items in this section should detail what those unlockables are and how to unlock them.

4 – Glitches / Bugs

Similar to cheats in that glitches are things that developers did not intend for gamers to experience within a game. These are generally game bugs or game issues that don’t advance the gamers objective and/or may cause frustration.

5 – Hints

General gameplay hints and tips, content in this section is intended for novice players to allow them to get to grips with the game.

6 – Guides

In-depth guides, step-by-steps, and walkthroughs on how to complete the game gain trophies and achievements etc, these are normally long pieces of content themselves which may be broken out into separate pages for that game.

7 – Achievements & Trophies Lists

A list of achievements or trophies available to be completed whilst playing the game.
There are sometimes ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’ trophies, listing this information as well as the normally available list of trophies is beneficial.